Friday, August 27, 2010

Essie - Matte About You

Hi ladies,

Today I have for you OPI La Paz-itively Hot Mattified with Essie Matte About You. Please keep in mind that this is not the matte version of OPI La Paz-itively Hot, that is slightly different.

This was my first time, besides swatching, using Essie's Matte about you. I don't own any other Essie's except for a nude, sheer colour my mom gave me recently (she gave all her old polish to me). Anyways ...

The matte top coat applied smoothly and dried fast. I really like the look and feel of it. Its not toooo over the top but its not too less (if that makes sense!) Expect to see another matte look ... but with a twist soon :)

What you you think now that you have seen both matte and shiny, which do you prefer better?

Have a great weekend :)


  1. In general, I prefer shiny, but this one doesn't look bad in matte.

  2. oooooh nice :) I think shiney is better!

  3. I'll tell you what makes me happy. Hard Candy is making a come back. I don't know about you but I was all about collecting them when I was in late elementary/junior high. I spotted them at Walmart, and I'm not going to lie, I bought two. :-D

  4. Megan and Lois - I don't think I can decide which i like better. I am thinking of doing some konad over the matte today though, we'll see what I can come up with

    Abigail - I remember the brand from when I was younger, but have not bought any of their products. I'm not sure if they are bringing the polishes to Canada, but I am headed to the States on Sunday, so hopefully I can find a walmart there that carries them :)

  5. Hard candy is coming back to Walmart??? OMG! I hope I start seeing them in Canada as well.

    Anybody remember Street Wear? I miss that polish.

    Matt About You is at the top of my wishlist. :)

  6. JQ - Essie's Matte about you ( or any other matte polish) was hard for me to find or just really expensive. I ended up buying it from Amazon.

    I definitely want to check out the hard candies. I remember having 1 or 2 street wears when i was younger, I specifically remember this light frosty blue one I had.

  7. so im in love with ur blog now! i love np and have a box full! question: how do u get the words on the bottom of your pix? and i so just bought this color...

  8. Princess Dia - thanks, that so sweet :)

    If your talking about the watermark i have on my images I add them in Photoshop

  9. I LOVE Matte About You! It's so much better to have that then to buy a hundred different matte colors, because then you can mattify anything you already have. :-)

  10. Asami - I totally agree! plus, I find that the polish lasts a lot longer


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