Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Haul!!

Hi Ladies,

Today I have for you my weekend haul! I'll start off with what I got at Rexall in Canada.

I found and purchased these 2 new fall Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears on Saturday. They had some great deals on polish, but these were the stand out ones for me from their new fall line. They had a promo on all Xtreme Wear polishes, originally $4(ish) on sale for $1.99, plus I had 2 $1 off coupons, so I got both polishes for $1 each :)

Sally Hansen - Mystic Lilac and Purple Gala

Mystic Lilac is a grayed lavender with a secret green/turquoise shimmer, this was hard to capture on camera but sooo cool! I can't wait to see how it look on the nail.

Purple Gala reminded me of of the new Orly cosmic collection, in the bottle it is a very cool purple, copper glitter, kind of a duochrome on the nail (think of the new Sally Hansen HD's) but I will have to see how well it translates on the nail.

Some of the other fall colours I found meh, I guess I'll have to see swatches before making a decision on if I want them or not. This is a great time to pick some up if you have a Rexall near by since they are on sale until Friday for $1.99.

On to the U.S!

Talking about the new Orly's, I stumbled upon a Sally's in the states accidentally and found the cosmics hiding in the back! Sally has a promo until the end of the month, $5.99 for Orlys (in the U.S). I was so excited to find these! ... unfortunately they would not honor the price for the new polishes and wanted to charge me $8.99 USD :(

Anyways, back to the U.S Haul. I will start with Ulta... WOW! always heard of this place but have never been. For all my Canadian readers this is definatly a place you want to check out when you are in the States next, it is literally like Sephora but with drugstore brands, and the polish section... like a kid in a candy store, every brand you can think of! Unfortutatly, I know a beauty supply closer to home that has better prices, so i didn't pick much up from here.

What I did purchase were some sale Borghese, I had never tried this brand before (they sell at Shoppers for $13) I picked up 2 from the Tutti Gelati collection for $3.99 each plus an additional 20% off.

Borghese - Tutti Gelati and Limoncello

Next I checked out Glamour Secrets and picked up some OPI's, they had a promo, buy 3 get 20% off, the polishes individually came out to just over $6 each.

OPI- Bubble Bath, Glitzerland, Here today Aragon Tomorrow (Suede)

Lastly I have a long lemming of mine from Claire's, Chunky purple :) I wish they were having their 10 for $10 promo, but since they were not I only picked up the 1 polish. I also popped in to a Dollar tree and found a Art Deco, well I found a couple but this was the only one I liked. they also had some LA colours, but I had simular colours, I mostly went in there to check for older Sally Hansen's and Maybeline.

Claire's Chunky Purple and Art Deco - Bright Orange (this one has a nice shimmer in it)

Overall this shopping trip was not meant specifically for polish, but I think I got a good amount and for some great prices. I wanted to check out Walmart for some specific polishes but didn't have the time. For sure the next time I go.

Which polish is your favorite from my latest haul?


  1. Wow--you found HTAT suede! I've never seen it in any store around here and ended up ordering it online.

  2. Karen - I never really searched it out, just saw it swatched and thought it was cool. The mall I found it at is called Boulevard Mall just outside Buffalo. I'm pretty sure I have seen it before around my area (Toronto) in Trade Secrets (for much more $$$ unfortunately)

  3. I can't wait to see those Sally Hansen swatches! And I'm totally keen to get my hands on some Art Decos next month. :)

  4. JQ - Awesome! I have a tip for these polishes, I had purchased only 1 polish with the striper brush in the past, I would just clean off the brush and use it with other polish colours :)


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