Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feelin' Blue

Hello Ladies,

I have an update on my cat, if you prefer to continue to the polish post I don't mind, i just need to get some stuff off my chest.

I'm still trying to catch up on my posts, post vacation and trying to deal with the fact that my cat has something that cannot be fixed... I am praying for him and hoping that he makes it just a little while longer. He has a condition called FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), unfortunately he was born with it, but I was unaware of him having it until he started showing signs of the last phase. He is very weak and needs help to eat, he is barely drinking. It is hard to deal with, but I love caring for him as I always have. If it does get any worse we may have to put him down so he is not in pain anymore. As much as that hurts, I don't want him to be in pain. I just wish he could have had a slightly longer life (he is only 3 years old). Cats that are born with FIV usually don't live past 4, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

Getting that out makes me feel a bit better. If anyone has a new cat, please get their blood tested at least once, especially if you have a kitten to test for possible virus' that may be dormant in your furry friend. FIV can be transfered from other cats though saliva and biting, but if infected they will live longer than those infected from birth. I hope I have helped some of the pet lovers out there.

When Marley was younger he loved to climb trees, but would sometimes get stuck at the top!

Anyways, on to the polish:

 The day I got back (My nails had been naked due to flip flop fantasy chipping) I was really craving a good blue, something to bring out my tan and pop, China Glaze's Bahamian Escape was perfect. Although when I first swatched it for myself it wasn't what I thought, I was hoping it to be closer to OPI - What's with the cattitude.

Indoors, by the window (Sunset)

I also decided to randomly place some white fauxnad flowers on top. I like the delicate look they gave, simple and not too over the top.

I'm glad that I picked this colour, it changed slightly from lighting source to lighting source and reminded me more of Orly - Snowcone or Essie - Lapis of Luxury (I don't own these, but compared to the photos I have seen online, they are pretty close).

Does anyone own  Orly - Snowcone, Essie - Lapis of Luxury or China Glaze - Bahamian Escape? if so, how to you think they compare to one another?


  1. I'm sorry about your kitty...I hope you get as much time with him as possible.

  2. Zara, Thanks for taking the time to read about Marley and comment, it means a lot

  3. Poor kitteh. All you can do is help him along and do what's best by him in the end. Hang in there! I love that blue - it will look great against your tan!

  4. That's heart breaking. I just adopted 2 cats last month. The previous owner said they have been tested and everything, but now I gotta go back to the vet and get a record, just to make sure. So sorry about your cat. Hugs!

  5. I'm sorry about your cat. :( Just be there for him and love him. He clearly means a lot to you. I wish you two had more time together, but cherise the time you have left. <3

  6. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Hailifax - I saw the post you did on your kitties, they are too cute

  7. I love your nails.
    I read your comment on my pet lovers giveaway post and am so sorry for your kitteh. It was very hard when we had to decide to put Topaz down but she was in pain that we couldn't take away - something that wouldn't stop happening. It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I hated the thought of her not being with me anymore but I hated it more to watch her hurt and suffer. Whatever you decide know that it is the decision that is best for your kitteh and your family and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Lacquer Ware - Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot. again I am really sorry for your loss, i had always hear stories where someone had to make the decision to put their pet down and i never thought that I would have to be in that situation. It's almost surreal, i feel a little in denial about it. I just want to savor the time I can have with him now. I also find that talking about it helps to come to terms with it, so thanks again for taking the time to read my post and comment.

  9. Oh, poor Marley and poor you for having to let go of him so much sooner than you expected. It does look like from that tree picture that he's packed a lot of fun into his life so far.

  10. KarenD - for a 3 year old kitty I think he has had a great life, he is one crazy cat, he used to chase me around the house as a kitten, and always climbed in to the christmas tree and would not leave! He has had a good life so far, but it sucks to have to let go of him so soon.

    Thanks for commenting


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