Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Continuation of blue week - Shower Together

Hi Ladies,

I decided that since I started late this week and am continuing to feel blue that I will finish the week off with a blue theme. Hopefully I am not bring you ladies down with the story of my cat, but talking about him helps me accept that is going on right now.

On to todays blue:

This one my boyfriend picked out for me when Sally was having their buy 2 get one free promo a while back, China Glaze - Shower Together (He loves everything blue!).

Indoors, less flash

Indoors, flash

I love this dusty blur/teal colour, but did not wear it for too long at the time, the colour wasn't summery enough for me I guess! I can't wait to wear this one again in fall.

I am pretty sure that I applied 2 coats, application was good, but I do remember that it had started to chip much earlier than my other China Glaze polishes, another reason I decided to take it off early.


  1. Pretty color. It's great that your BF helped you pick out a color - if my hubs did that, he'd probably pick something I would never wear or something I already had. LOL

  2. This is a pretty blue. I'm with Megan; my husband does not share my taste in polish, so I don't think letting him come to the store with me would be a good idea.

  3. lol, i'm not sure if he really enjoys when I taken him to buy polish, I always say " i'll be just 5 minutes"... but then I loose track of time ... sorry!

    He's so great though, he actually knows the names of polish now, Even though he thinks every lighter shade of blue is For Audry I still love him :) Sometimes he even picks out my mani colours when I can't decided, I show him 5 and he picks the one he likes best!


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