Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mood Polish continuation: Top Coats and Quick Driers REVIEW

Hi Ladies,

Today is the continuation of my post from yesterday. I will be discussing the NYC Shiny Top Coat and Quick Dry serum.

complete mani with NYC top coat

NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat - This was my first time using this top coat and I am really impressed! 1 coat gave me a nice high gloss shine and applied nice and smooth. I really love this, I need to find some more and stock up ( I purchased this for 50 cents!).

I am always looking for new topcoats to try and this one was worth the risk. I have tried Sally Hansen (Diamond Strength) and although it works okay for the most part, once you get half way down the bottle you get bubbles. I find this happens more with non-sally brands, so if I do choose to use it, I use Sally Hansen polishes only.

Another one I am currently using is Orly's top coat. Although it works well, I find it dries to fast as I am applying it, sometime I even get brush marks! I need to apply a big goop of it so it doesn't dry as fast. Has any one else had this issue with their top coat?

NYC Quick Dry - I picked this up for 50 cents also and love it, already stocked up. Just a couple of swipes on the nail and you are good to go in a couple of minutes :). I have not tried any other quick dry serums other than this one. The only other quick dry top coat I have tried is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri, which does the job if I'm in a hurry, but it not my regular topcoat.

What's your favorite topcoat or quick dry solution?


  1. There was a time when I thought Seche was overrated because it was so expensive, so I used everything except that. My favorite that I tried was Sally Hansen InstaDry top coat. I also liked NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat but it didn't dry fast enough for me.

    Long story short, now I use Seche Vite and it's all I use!!

  2. Deanna - awesome, i still have yet to try it because of the price tag and mixed reviews. maybe one day :)


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