Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mood Polish

Hi Ladies,

Today I have Claire's mood polish in calm/wild. I'm sure that most of you already know that this is a shimmery purple when cool and changes to a shimmery pink when warm.

Below is what I used for my mani

1 coat - China Glase Base Coat (Not pictured)
2 coats - Claire's Mood Polish
1 coat - NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat*
1 swipe - NYC Quick Dry*

* I will discuss my new favorite top coat and quick dry serum tomorrow, stay tuned :)

Claire's Mood Polish - I applied 2 coats originally (I applied another coat of the polish and another top coat, it had chipped while I was in the pool a day later, oops!). When applying this polish make sure that you move fast to get the smoothest finish. This polish dries nice and fast to a matte/suede finish. I actually really liked the finish but decided to complete this look with a shiny top coat. I am looking forward to wearing this matte/suede in autumn.

close up of purple, when cold

close up of pink, when warm

close up of colour change, warm to cold

So Far I have had the polish on for 3 and a half days. Unfortunately I think due to the "neon" formula this polish is a quick chipper. Out of the 3 mood polishes I have tried out only one lasted me about a week give or take without chipping. I had used a base of white under the mood polish, I think that helped it to stick better. I will have to try this polish again (obviously! look at that sparkle!), but next time over another colour, possibly blue or purple. I wonder if the warmer colour wold change to a different colour...

What is your favorite mood polish from Claire's?


  1. You are wearing my all time favourite lacquer. This is the lacquer I grab whenever I cannot think of something to wear. It is somewhat of a pita to apply but I love the results so well worth it to me.

  2. You are definitely getting better wear out of this than I did! Mine chipped within HOURS. *sigh* I love this one, though.

  3. Megan, unfortunatly mine is chipping too, it started chipping the next day when I was in the pool, that was when I put another coat. Right now I am getting tip wear, but am pretty sure that it is my keyboards fault ;)


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