Friday, August 20, 2010

What Polish Matches my Outfit?

Hi Ladies,

This weekend my family and I are celebrating my parents 25 year wedding anniversary. I have already picked out an outfit, but I would like to get your opinion on which polish works best with it.

Here is my outfit:

Neutral Cream Strapless Dress (sorry for the wrinkles! i need to iron it)
Corset Belt
Teal Shoes
Turquise necklace

So here is my problem (kind of), 25th wedding anniversaries are also known as "silver" anniversaries. So I was thinking maybe I should to a silver, foily manicure. But on the other hand, I have 2 other great colours to work with, teal (more green) and turquoise (more blue).

BUT... I also have the option to choose from a blue or green with an accent/deign of silver ... wow so many options. I would like something simple, and not too over the top.

My original polish choices were down to:

China Glaze - For Audry

L'oreal -

OPI - Jade is the new black (even though I didn't own it lol)

I bought Jade is the New Black specifically to wear with this outfit, so i'm pretty sure this is the one. I still want to know what you think. If you have any better ideas I might change my mind ;)

I think the polish colour falls pretty well in the middle of the 2 shades for my shoes and necklace, what do you think?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know which colours you think would go well with my outfit in the comments section. The celebration is happening on Sunday, so please let me know which colour/design you choose by Saturday night.

Thanks for your help :)


  1. Ok I really like the OPI you chose, but I also really like the idead you have of adding some sort of silver design to it. I would probably add something silver, its an awesome idea. I love your outfite btw. Hope this helps!

  2. thanks :) it's so hard to make a final decision!

  3. I think you chose the right one. Are you going to post your final look? If you have gold, I'd say stamp/decorate with some fine gold decoration.

  4. I say keep it simple with Jade is the new black.

  5. Megan, you read my mind! I really love the colour on its own, but for some reason I was thinking gold would go great with this. I don't want to make it too much though... i'll have to think about it, i still have a couple of days to decide.

    I will to post the final mani (and possible look) on Monday for sure

  6. milan and vanaily - looks great on it's own ... but I still have a couple of days to decide lol thanks :)

  7. As long as you keep your hands away from your shoes and necklace, the OPI would work the best. The other two are too light in color to do anything but clash.

  8. Yeah, Jade is the new Black is perfect! I would choose that one! ^^

  9. I would go with the OPI... it looks so nice next to those shoes and necklace!

    Those shoes are fabulous, by the way!

  10. thanks for your opinions ladies :)

    misscarley - thanks :) I got them on sale for $10! they are plastic but i love the colour and they don't hurt my feet

  11. Jade is the New Black is a perfect choice, I love that colour. =)


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