Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog Update

Hi Ladies,

A quick update on my blog regarding layout. Most of you who frequent my site may have noticed I have been changing the look of my blog every now and then. I think I have FINALLY chosen a layout that I like and works best.

Hope you enjoy the new look :)



  1. Its nice and I think we all go through blog growing pains. I know I've done it quite a few times until I finally found something I like. Its funny, at one point people thought I was a different blogger cuz I changed it like 5X in 2 weeks. LOL

  2. lol, yea, thats why I wanted to try and avoid. I get confused sometimes too when other bloggers change their layout, or more than one blog has the same! Thats why I wanted to sit down and take a look at the options of how I can make my blog unique :)


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