Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breaking Polish News : La Senza Has Polishes!

Has anyone seen this? Apparently La Senza now carries nail polishes :)

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Here's the scoop:

Oh La NailsTM Nail Polish

Your beauty must-have in ultra sassy colors! Long lasting, chip resistant polish. Free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. Available only in Canada.


- Tango Red
- Very Versailles
- Marrakesh Me
- Big Ben Baby
- Black Sea Majic
- Make Mine Milan
- Whistler White
- Sand Paolo
- Turkish Rose
- Parisan Pink
- Hollywood Strip
- Santiago Chili
- Mascow Nights
- Fiji Fantasy
- Reykjavik Lights

Price: $6.50 or 3 for $15

I'm not sure how large the bottles are, but in the photo they look small, colours aren't too exciting either.

What do you ladies think?


  1. LOL looks like all retailers are jumping on the polish wagon. H&M, Aldo, BCBG... everytime I turn around it's like "Hi."

    Then I get annoyed when the sales rep tries to sell it to me. "Oh yea it's a great _____(insert season) color!" Then I'd be like... yea, not a selling point. I think I know a good color when I see one, thanks.


  2. Yeah I was excited when I saw the email but they kinda play safe on colour choices. Maybe next time when they go for bolder colour :)

  3. milan and vanaily - I know what you mean. At least H&M and American Apparel have great colours. but yea, I would be annoyed too if they were trying to sell me polish I'm not interested in lol

    Halifax - I saw polish in the subject line and was like whhhhhaaaaaat?!, then i checked out the colours, not to special. Hopefully in the future they will have a better selection. I also think the price is a little high.

  4. LOL yea, it's like we're not the average nail polish consumer!

    I remember at the lancone counter when they had the pink nail polish out. I was curious if they had anything else, turns out they only had that 1 hot pink color. So I was like, yea thats not really worth it. And the girl is going on about how it's a great summer color. -___-;;


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