Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leopard Accent - Halos tomorrow, I promise!

Hey Ladies,

I messed up today. I was supposed to be showing you some cool halos ... unfortunately I forgot to upload those photos to my flash drive! What I do have on my flash drive is a mani I am sure you have seen done before. I have seen it a lot I can't remember the first place I saw it but I thought it was cool and tried it out this past spring.

I'm pretty sure I used 2-3 coats of Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramic Colour in White Ghost, then stamped the leopard Konad pattern with the black special polish. when all was dry, I added in some spots of colour on the leopard nail.

I really enjoyed this look, but remember wishing I had used some brighter colours for the leopard. I think white on it's own looks soo good if you have the right polish and works for any season :)

This pic was taken right after I completed the mani, so please excuse the shiny cuticle oil and lack of full clean up of the Konad ;)

What do you think about this, overdone, or should be done more?


  1. I've been thinking the same thing about my white bases every time I put them on. But I always wind up doodling all over them anyways. I have the same problem with fresh notebooks/sketchbooks. :P

  2. This looks cute. I've tried to do white nails but just can't do it. You rock it!

  3. MaRyya - thanks :)

    JQ - lol, try white nails out for a day then go nut on them the next day with your kickass nail art

    Megan - thanks, i've wanted to do white nails since then, but then I remember all of those untrieds I have ...

  4. whenever I try white nails it looks like I stole the word corrector and put it on my fingers but it looks nice on you. Love the colored leopard:D

  5. Thanks :) lol thats what I thought it would look like too! but i ended up really loving the look.

  6. I should give it another try:d And I'm your latest follower, also

  7. very nice bling blings on the ring finger.....cute.


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