Thursday, September 2, 2010

Del Sol Color Changing Polish & Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen Review

Hi ladies, This post is waaaaaayy over due. For those of you who live in Canada, I bought these polishes/products when Rexall had their 50% off all polish sale (I think this was in May or June), this is also when I created this mani lol.

First I will start with the French Manicure pen.

- easy to use
- does not rub off
- does not bleed with topcoat
- fast drying

- the tip of the one purchased was bent (this made application more challenging)
- multiple coats are needed
- bald spots may occur if not enough time is allowed between coats

Here are some pictures I took after application

This was free hand, it came out pretty decent for my first try. As you can see it can get a little lumpy if you go over the same spot more than once before the polish fully dries.

Next I applied Del Sol's Ruby Slipper (sorry, forgot to take a photo of this polish)

This polish was easy to apply, the glitter was dense in the polish, I applied 2 coats on the tips alone (no smudging of the white tips occurred).

To finish off the look I added a top coat and that was it!

Ta-da! the finished look ... indoors.

I'm sure that you have heard about Del Sol polish, it changes colour with UV light. As you can see in the pictures in normal lighting the polish had a clear base with silver glitter.

In Canada I have seen these polishes at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall for $10 Canadian ( I picked mine up for $5 on sale). Recently on my trip to the Dominican Republic I saw these in the Punta Cana airport, they sold for $10 U.S each. The demonstration I received of the "colour change" was not impressive... it didn't change at all! After I had bought my polish I wanted to learn more and found out that these polishes are sometime defective. Had I have known this I probably would not have purchased it, but lucky for me mine did work :)

Here is what my mani looked like in the sun, the clear base turns a pinkish red and the silver sparkles shine though.

What do you think about the Sally Hansesn Nail pen and Del Sol colour changing polish? would you purchase these?


  1. Chameleon French! :) Neat trick! I might have to try out this Del Sol stuff. Thanks for doing the review on the pen because I keep seeing it in my local stores and wondering if I should try.

  2. JQ - I like the sond of that :) thanks! I think it is alright, I want to compare it to the Nailene one I have but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. When I do I will post my thoughts.

  3. I'm lucky enough to live near a Del Sol store. They do have a policy to refund if you get a defective colour that didn't change in the sun. I got 2 from Rexall sale and 2 more from the store, as Rexall only had about 6 shades

  4. Halifax - thats awesome, I wasn't too sure about their policy on that, thanks for clearing that up. How much do they cost at the actual store?

  5. man, i LOVE the color of the tips when they change to pink! Using a color-changing polish for that is something I'd NEVER have thought of!

  6. Jeannie - Thanks :) I was even thinking of doing a regular french and then giving it a top coat of the colour changing polish so indoors it is a french, and outdoors it a red glitter!

  7. The Del Sol nail polish really works and like mentioned earlier... they will refund and product that doesn't change color in the sun. Danielle, when you received your demonstration their "sunlights" may have been bad. You can also purchase any of their nail polish online at Oh and in an actual store they cost anywhere from $9 to $12. You can also see their locations on the website. =o)

  8. Anonymous - Thanks for all the info :)


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