Friday, September 3, 2010

NOTD - Revlon Peach Petal

Hello Ladies,

Happy Friday :) I'm soooo looking forward to the long weekend, plus I took Tuesday off too, so it's an extra long weekend for me!

Today my polish is Revlon Peach Petal, I purchased this along with Minted and Gum Drop a while back from the Superstore when they had a promo if you buy 3. It was so long ago I forget what the price was! Anyways, moving on, these were the first Revlon polishes I have ever purchased so I didn't know what to expect.

The colour is a pretty light peachy pink, this can change deppending on your lighting from more peach or more pink. I really like it with my skin tone.

Application and Formula
The formula was kinda weird on this one compared to the other polishes I have used, it was thin yet thick, if that makes any sense. It was harder to apply because I feel that after polishing one had I had to close the bottle and roll it a bit so it wasn't so thick applying on the other hand.

It took 3 coats to build up the colour you see in the pictures. Unfortunately, looking at my nails now I am considering an additional coat, you can't tell in the pictures but the polish isn't that even on my nails.

The Brush
The brush was a little smaller than I am used to and I felt like I needed to do more than 3 swipes for full coverage. I am really loving the OPI brushes lately ... and OPI polish in general :)

Overall Thoughts
I really do love this colour, it is very light and girly but I don't like now many coats it takes to build it up plus additional clean up. I had applied Gum Drop ( a lovely light lavender) earlier this week to my toes and the formula for that polish was slightly better, I will have to try my other Revlon polishes before I give my thoughts on the brand as a whole. It sucks that their formula isn't the best because they are starting to come out with some great shades and they are readily available to a lot of people.

What do you think about Revlon polishes? Which one is your favorite


  1. I brought this and minted and still haven't worn it. Do you find that they smell a bit weird?

    And I agree the brushes are so...annoying. But this color is so cute.

  2. I literally just sniffed my nails lol, once dry I don't think so, I can't really remember if the wet polish smelled weird last night.

    Gum Drop is one of the scented ones, I really like how that one smells when dry :)

  3. Hello! First I wanted to apologize if English is not very good. Because I am Brazilian and I'm using google translator to write.
    Looking at your blog I saw a post on nail polish Claire's that change color. You bought these polishes right there in Canada?
    My brother and his wife are in the country. Can not find these glazes here in Brazil. If the glazes are for sale in Canada, I'll ask the wife of my brother to buy me.
    If you can answer me I would greatly appreciate.
    Your blog is beautiful. Already in my favorites. Then look more calmly.
    Again, sorry for the bad english.

  4. LOL!! I don't mind mild scents. Oh god, had you ever tired Anna Sui? it's suppose to smell like "roses"... to be honest I don't know what kind of yucky rose they are talking about. LOL

    Both my sister and I cannot stand the smell. haha!

  5. Clary - thanks for visiting my blog, your English is great :)

    I wonder where your brother is in Canada, I am from Toronto and have had no problems finding Claire's mood polish here. If your brother is in Toronto, I recommend going to these malls which have a Claire's :

    - Yorkdale Mall
    - Promenade Mall
    - The Eaton Center (Downtown Toronto)

    I'm sure you can google these malls to find directions on how to get there. Good luck :)

    milan and vanaily - I didn't care too much for the "ocean breeze" Revlon scent, it smelled too artificial, what does the ocean smell like anyway!?

    I always wondered about the Anna Sui polishes, never tried them but I heard about the scent. Guess it's not that great lol

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  7. I've always been tempted to try revon polish, but have always prefered OPI especially for the pro wide brush - shame revlon always have such pretty colours

  8. maRyya - thanks :) i'm pretty sure that I have seen your blog and that I am already following

    Cupcake - Revlon doesn't even compare to OPI's brush and formula, but I wish they could at least change up the formula a bit and make it more workable lol

  9. Hi :) I have never tried any revlon polishes!

    I think this one looks lovely and you have pretty nails :) xo

  10. beautyandthebeast - thanks :) it really means a lot. I used to be a hardcore nail biter, I only stopped biting my nails a little over 2 years ago!


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