Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glitter Topcoats Comparison

Hey Ladies,

You are probably sick of this mani, but I promise, this is the last time you will see it! lol

Today I have a glitter topcoat comparison.

click to enlarge and see the blue/pink flash on laser

From left to right excluding the yellow polish:
Saly Hanson HD - Laser (bottle pictured), $OPI - Only Gold for me, NYC - White Lights Glitter
Also, on my other hand I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Shooting star.

In the above photo please enlarge to see how Laser looks over Royal Navy. It enhances the shimmer that is already present and ads a slight duochrome shine. I only used 1 coat here, If I had used another the pink shimmer would be more visible.

Next is NYC, this one really sparkled over the blue. The glitter in this polish is translucent but flashes between blue gren and yellow the most.

Shooting Star - This glitter is a mix of smaller translucent glitter and larger silver glitter. I thought this would be the same as the NYC but they are very different in real life, the silver glitter sets it appart.

please enlarge to see the layered goodness :)

Lastly I have $OPI, I love this topcoat :) I swiped one layer of this glitter over the blue and then added another coat of Royal Navy on top. Since the polish is a jelly you can see the glitter under. I love this look, reminds me of Accross the Universe.

What's your favorite layering polish?


  1. Oh I agree! I love the way that turned out with the layer of polish on top! Too cool!


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