Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nailene Bedazzled Nail Art - Review

Hey ladies,

I have some awesome nail stickers to share with you that were sent to be from Nailene. This set of Bedazzled Nail art is there Earth Angel collection which is a great assortment of over 100 stickers which include hearts, stars, flowers and more. I also really like the different styles of stickers this pack includes; rhinestones, 3-d, and regular flat.

My previous experience with Nailene's stickers have been great, they apply great and don't budge. Usually they don't even look like stickers, they blend well once a topcoat is added to seal them in. I used Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat, which added high gloss and sealed in the sticker perfectly.

The stickers I decided to use were the 3-D ones, they look like little metal droplets :)
Unfortunately I did have some minor issues with these stickers.

- Stiffness - these stickers tend to be thicker and stiffer than the original ones, this can make them not as flexible to bend to the shape of your nail bed. Also be very careful when peeling off of the backing, I used my tweezers and it was so stiff it flew up from the tension and I lost it!

- variety (reflection) I used these stickers on my ring fingers so naturally I would want to use the reflecting pattern on the other for a matching look. Unfortunately, the design I chose only came in one design, no reflections.
*note* for most of the other stickers included in this pack, this was not the problem.

click to enlarge :)

Although these were minor issues I still love the look and wear on these bumpy little guys! (which, by the way, are not even all that bumpy!) After a couple of days I did see notice wear on the middle of the circles, but this has been from regular activities I do throughout the day (there is a little black dot in the middle of some of the 3-d circles.)

click to enlarge :)

My overall opinion on these stickers is still love despite my minor issues. Who can deny little metal droplets on your nails!

What do you think about these stickers? What do you think of the polish ;) Think you guys can guess what it is? Full review of this polish with MANY photos to come soon :)

*this product was sent to me for review, all views expressed are my own.


  1. Is it...Bad Fairy?? :) I Lurv the colour!
    Yes tot eh stickers. Mercury bobbles for your nails! <3

  2. JQ -lol! thanks I looooove this colour too. It's not Bad Fairy bu you're close ;) stay tuned for the colour tomorrow

  3. Oh That's why I love it. I forgot about that one! Pretty awesome.


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