Friday, October 15, 2010

Nail mail

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are still with me! I have been crazy busy this week, I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule on Monday, I'll be getting posts ready for next week over the weekend.

It figures that the week I'm super busy I get the most nail mail! Today I have some samples from Viva La Nails and more products from Nailene.

Below are my new nail stickers! Very pretty and floral.

Next are my water decals, very vibrant and pretty, I got some flowers (colour & black and white) and butterflies :)

Next a sequins, If thats the right word for them. They are glittery and pretty, from left to right top to bottom I have: blue opalescent shells, teal circle outline sequins, opalescent and transparent hearts and black moons. The moons are the coolest! they flash red green and blue!

More sparklies! they look like they are on fire they sparkle so much. Left to right, to to bottom, yellow bar glitter , silver pieces of glitter, red pieces of glitter (all of them flash all the colors of the rainbow!) and pink circle glitter.

Below are the latest products I have received from Nailene. These items include the Acrylic Strong topcoat, Bedazzle (Earth Angel) Nail Art and Couture Runway Design False nails.

I have been wanted to try out the Acrylic strong topcoat for so long, will definitely use this on my next mani. The earth angel stickers have these cool metal looking droplets that literally look like melted metal, they are sooo awesome!

I look so forward to trying and playing around with these new products! Have a great weekend :)

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