Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thankgiving Half Moon

Hi ladies,

*note - super busy today, I had thought I pushed publish last night for this to upload automatically, but I did not. Sorry for the late post, hope you enjoy!*

Today I have a half moon mani attempt for you! My sister asked me to give her a half moon mani in black and white, I thought great, I can get some practice! And after a couple days of her wearing it, I couldn't help but want to create my own :)

What I had planned on doing was using one coat of Color Club - Oh Naturale and a coat or 2 on top of OPI's Ginger Bells for a Thankgiving/fall half moon :)

What ended up happening was a mess... I used reinforcement stickers as a guide for the half moon apparently too soon (some of the polish pulled up) and all of moons were left uneven :( This may have been due to the fact that I had my whole family coming over within half an hour for dinner and was in a rush!

What I ended up doing was taking everything off and painting 2 coats of Ginger Bells and leaving it like that for the night. The next day I took a striper brush and filled in the half moon with Oh Naturale lol. Definitely not ideal, but it worked! I sealed it all in with thin topcoat and this was the final product.

I think I definitely want to try the half moon mani again (the proper way) free hand. I feel like I would have more control of the final moon and it would be easier to get all nails consistent.

What do you ladies think? Can you tell I painted the half moon on top?


  1. I think it looks gorgeous! I saw Ginger Bells and passed by it, but I may have to go back now!

  2. thanks ladies :) I'm gonna try the half moon again soon, maybe Halloween inspired ;) I have so many Halloween ideas, so if i don't get to it before then, a glittery Christmas one for sure :)

  3. I can't tell at all that you did the moons after your main color. It's really pretty, I love the colors you used.

  4. Thanks Anita, I like the autumn look the colours bring out :)

  5. oh, I like how subtle this is. THe colors look great together!


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