Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Weeks Worth of Hauls

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a post showcasing some polish purchases I made last week. Over all I got some great deals and great polishes :)

Lets start with the polishes I got at Winners. The first is the Color Club Wild At Heart Collection, wow, I am in looooove with this one! I had only owned 1 Color Club before I purchased these sets, partly because they are not readily available and when I do find them they are costly. Their formula is soo great! most of these are 1 coaters and halos!! omg, pure love :) this collection consist of (in order from left to right in the photo below):

- love 'em, leave 'em
- wild and willing
- on the wild side
- rule breaker
- wild at heart
- with abandon
- top coat
Please click all photos to view larger, but especially this one for the shimmer :)
$12.99 for the pack

Looove this collection, the colours are so awesome! I used wild at heart for the spiders in my past Halloween inspired mani.

$12.99 for the pack

Next is the Pardon my French Collection, this consists of:
- pardon my french
- i believe in amour
- hot couture
- au naturale
- turn the other chic
- take me to your chateau
- si vous please!

I only got this collection for take me to your chateau, au naturale and pardon my french.

$12.99 for the pack

Next collection is popstastic! This consists of:
- almost famous
- wham pow!
- poptastic
- warhol
- twiggie
-chelsea girl

I got this one for pucci-licious and twiggie, but the other colours surprised me, very nice :) I got rid of 2 though, the pink ones (poptastic and warhol), I have way too many pinks.

I also saw 2 other collections that didn't interest me, Untamed Luxury (Every Shade of Indulgence) and Glitter Vixen. For $12.99 I was ecstatic to get these collections :)

In the Halloween section of the store I also saw their mini Halloween pack. The colours were not exciting enough for me and they cost $8.99 for 4 minis!!

Last weekend I also stopped by American Apparel. I heard somewhere that they are not making polish anymore? Has anyone else heard this? If it's true, I suggest stocking up, the formula is great.

3 for $18

I picked up Pinto, Summer Peach and L'esprit. I got Pinto because I had seen an OPI the other day I really liked (Ginger Bells) and thought this would be a good substitution. Luckily (or unluckily deepening on how you look at it), I found Ginger Bells on sale literally 5 min after I purchased this! I regret not getting factory grey instead :( oh well, next time.

$5.00 each

These OPI's i piecked up for $5 each, the left one is Ginger Bells, I forget what the other ones is called ... oops!( I will update when I get home) The colour is totally off for this unknown polish, it is ore of Pinto with a slight red undertone.

Here I have them side by side, as you can see they are very close, closer than I thought Ginger Bells would be!

$1.00 each

I also stopped by Dollarama and found these in the scrap-booking section! I love them and have already used some :) I got multi-coloured small circular rhinestones and silver multi-shaped rhinestones. I figure I can paint over them with a different colour if I want :)

So that is all for now. Have any of you found any great deals lately?


  1. omg, popstastic collection. Where did you finddddd =O

    & 12.99!!!!

    is it the orfus one?!

  2. Wait, did you say winners? Man, I've never seen any color club there :(

    I'm hoping to go polish shopping this weekend, after a week of non-stop studying. lolol

  3. I only found the Poptastic collection at the Winners at the Sheppard Center, the last one. But I have seen all the other collections at other Winners locations (Woodbridge, Sheridan Mall, Sheppard Center)

    I would check out a Winners soon before they are all gone, good luck :)

  4. oh yea, on a side note, the beauty supply on Orfus wanted me to pay $30 for the Poptastic collection not too long ago! I'm glad I waited :)

  5. Yea, 12.99 is such a good price! I'm going to see if my mom is going anytime soon and ask her to pick it up for me. Or I wonder if the one in yorkville has it, I think it's the closest winners to my school. lol

    I'm totally dying over this, 12.99... everything is so colorful. lol *you know you have a problem when...*

  6. Looks like all the sets people found at Ross in the US have made it to Canada. Not a bad price either. Yay for us!

  7. Woo hoo, awesome haul! I found both the PMF and Poptastic sets at Ross... I might have to start stalking them for the Wild at Heart set! I only own the namesake color from that collection!

  8. milan and vanaily - lol trust me I know how you feel, the first time I went I only got 2 packs, it was haunting me till I went pack and picked up another one that only had 2 colours that I wanted lol I have a very bad problem lol

    Halifax - I hope Winners have more polish sets available at more locations in the future :)

    misscarly - I love that colour, its so pigmented and sparkly :)

  9. wow! what nice hauls! I especially love the american apparel polishes as I really want them but dont usually spend that much on my nail polishes! This whole post was so tempting I hate being on a ban. I love your blog and enjoy reading the posts! I also love color club wild at heart

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  10. Ooh, I can't wait to see all of these, especially the American Apparels. I hope they're not going to stop making polishes...I need to get a chance to get some first! :)

  11. toesthattwinkle - thanks :) I also checked out your blog

    Zara - I'm not %100 sure about the American Apparel polishes, I heard it on another blog. I hope you end up picking up some colours from them ):

  12. The craft section of Dollarama rocks my socks. :P

    And your haul made me ache to know if we have a Winners around town, because I just saw a place in town that sells individual Color Clubs for 8 bucks each! :S

    Great colours! I need to find an American Apparel as well.

  13. You got some amazing stuff! The Color Club holos are the best!

  14. Heeeey! another canadian, I live in toronto too Scarborough to be exact, I had no idea that WInners carried nail polish. Im running to Winners tomorrow. Thanks for this post!

  15. JQ - for reals, I gotta be on the lookout for new goodies next time I go!

    Freshie - thanks, I'm so happy to finally own some color clubs!

    BoldNBeautiful Makeup - awesome! I love finding bloggers from around the city :) we get to share our deals!

  16. wow, I love your haul! wish they sold Color Club over here!


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