Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stripes and Spiders

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a Halloween inspired mani to share :)

What I used:

- 2 coats Sally Hansen - Pumpkin Orange
- Black acrylic paint and paint brush, for the stripes
- Cover Girl - Pink Twinkle (flakie!!)
- Konad/Faunad/ Bundle Monster plate (I used a BM plate)
- Color Club - Wild at Heart, for spiders
- Dollarama rhinestones, for spiders
- Nailene nail clue, for rhinestones

Click to view larger!

Ta-da! this look was really easy, I was inspired by some Halloween nail art I have found on the net. Here are the steps to create this for yourself:

1. Paint nails with background colour. I did this the day before so I could enjoy the orange for a bit :) make sure polish is fully dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Use black acrylic paint for the stripes, I used a regular striping brush (you can also used black nail polish)

3. Wait for paint/polish to dry and add a top coat, I chose a flaky top coat.

4. Stamp or paint random spiders on every other nail. (you could also use stickers)

5. Use nail glue to stick on your rhinestones

Please ignore yellow marks on my fingers, i had made orange rice crispy squares earlier and some food coloring spilled on me.
Click to view larger!

Overall this mani was a little over the top for me, also considering how its only the first week of October. If i wore this closer to Halloween I think I could justify it a bit more lol.
I find I am drawn to more simple designs, and I will defiantly be sharing some other ideas and designs very soon for some more Halloween themed nail art.

Click to view larger!

If I were to do this look again, I would make the black lines thinner and use a different colour for the spiders, the glittery purple got lost in the flakie polish and bold black lines.

What do you think, over the top or perfectly Halloween?


  1. This is cute!! I have that spider plate - this makes me want to give it a go. :)

  2. Keyyyy-UTE! I totally want to do purple spideys now.

  3. Aww your spiders are cute! Halloween is the best!

  4. Thanks ladies, I love that spider stamp, I already used it again on my current mani :)

  5. Very nice! The spiders are really cute.

  6. What an awesome Halloween mani! I love the purple rhinestones... they are a great touch!

  7. Zara - thanks :)

    misscarly - thanks :) I love orange and purple together for halloween, its like the new orange and black ;)

  8. great finds! i absolutely LOVE winners! :) have to go check out my winners ASAP! :)

  9. I check out Winners every so often to find great stuff like this. I hope they keep new color clubs stocked up in the future :)


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