Monday, November 22, 2010

Nicole by OPI No Limits Matte

Hay ladies,

Today I have 2 firsts for you, my first Nicole by OPI polish, and my first time wearing a matte nail polish. I have used my Essie - Matte About You top coat once in the past, but never an actual matte polish.

The colour I chose is No Limits, a deep, dark, shimmery blue. I picked this colour out mostly because it reminded me of OPI, Russian Navy Matte. This polish happened to be cheaper at the time, so it was sold!

What I loved about Russian Navy Matte was the denim look it had, but once you put a topcoat on it it was super sparkly, 2 polishes in one. This is all going off of what I have seen on other blogs, I still don't own Russian Navy Matte (I have the regular version) and I probably wont, but I think this polish will hold me over.

This was surprisingly a one coater, you have to work fast as it dries quick! Not knowing this, I had to go back on a few nails to even out the strokes. Pigmentation was awesome but the formula was kind of thick. I would like to thin it but I'm not sure if my thinner would work properly with this polish formula. Has any one thinned out a matte polish before? Please enlighten me :)

The one issue I have with matte polishes is that I can't wear lotion... but I need to moisturize! So basically I had matte nails for less than a day then they were more of a suede kind of weird finish. That bugged me so I added a top coat.

Now I don't know if this is just me, but the finish I got once my top coat was dry didn't really look like a normal gloss. It looked almost as if the nail polish absorbed the gloss .... if that makes any sense!

Anyways, I added another glossy top coat (this time my trust Nailene Acrylic Strong) and I got the glossy look I was going for :)

I also added a BM/fauxnad pattern on my ring fingers (plate BM 20). I think it looks like velvety curtains or something lol.

Removal sucked! I think this is one of the hardest to remove and messiest polishes I have ever owned! Because there is so much glitter it takes a while to remove, and also because the blue is so dark and pigmented it made a mess of my fingers and cuticles!

This polish is okay overall, but I don't know if I would purchase more mattes in the future, I prefer to use my Matte About You top coat with the colours I already own instead. What is your preference?

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  1. I've noticed that sometimes matte polishes "suck up" top coat, but they're usually shiny with two coats of top coat. I prefer to use Matte About You as well.


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