Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Very Christmas Haul

Hey Ladies,

I am so getting in the Christmas mood lately, I love the holidays :) over the weekend I went to one of my usual beauty supply shops looking through their shelves and writing down a list of the polishes I would like for Christmas :) Between my parents, brother and sister we always make Christmas lists so everyone knows what to buy for each other.

Anyways, on the right side of the store they usually have no name brands and a discounted polish bin (usually no name brands.) To my surprise I saw some of the China Glaze Holiday collection in there!

I picked up Mrs. Clause, Frosty and peppermint cuticle oil :) As you can tell by the pictures one of these polishes does not belong ... actually both Mrs. Clause and Frosty had the silver paint scraped of of the bottle lid, this is why they were discounted. From what I could understand from the owner (broken English) she said that something spilled on them during transportation (I would assume the cuticle oil) so they were selling them at a discounted price. Although, there was nothing wrong with the cuticle oil!

They also had Phat Santa but I have enough reds already. I do want to go back soon though and see if they have any of the foils discounted also :)

I got all 3 polishes for $2.99 each! I can't wait to wear frosty and I will be doing a review of the cuticle oil soon, I find that is has been over looked in other blogs full collection reviews.

So going from cheap polish to overly expensive ... the next christmas polish I have for you is from Sephora by OPI's holiday line. This was a whopping $12.00! I really had to think this one through... Hmm... I had $3+ on a giftcard and I had found a $5 bill in my winter jacket the day before, so it was like the polish was REALLY $4 ... right ...? lol

Click to enlarge :)

I am DYING to get flurry up but it was out of stock when I was there last, but I did find 212. I actually didn't know it was apart of the holiday collection initially, I did know however that it is limited edition.

This polish is sooooo coool! All the photos I have seen online do not to this polish justice! I would describe it as an almost black, grey, brown, olive with subtle holographic glitter, gold shimmer (that changed with the light, green, gold red) and has flakies! I hope that makes sense lol basically this polish is nuts, I included another photo below to show up the shimmer this gives.

Click to enlarge :)
Isn't that awesome!

Next I have another China Glaze Holiday polish, Party Hearty (my sister got a kick out of this one, the name reminded her of Andrew W.K - Party hard. Weirdly enough she disliked the polish!) I got this along with my first ever bottle of Seche Vite Topcoat!

I got these polishes for free though Swagbbucks! I have mentioned this site before, basically you sign up and earn points for searching. Once you get enough points you trade them in for items of your choice. I always choose Amazon.com giftcards :)

If you'd like me to send you an invite, please email me at enthuseme@hotmail.com with the subject line SWAGBUCKS. I can also give you the links to some great sites/blogs that provide you with swag codes which earn you even more points!

Anyways, hoped you liked my holiday haul! Have you ladies done any holiday hauling yet? Which holiday collection are you liking the best?


  1. I've been searching for Party Hearty but my sallys beauty supply store doesnt have it ;[ Its awesome you got those 3 china glaze for so cheap!!

  2. I went in to my Sally's in October and overheard someone asking about them and they said that someone had already come in and bought all of them!!

    Now knowing this, I would suggest Sally's early when you know a big collection will be coming out the next month. Also check out local beauty supplies or online retailers. I hope this helped :)

  3. Ohh I can't wait to see swatches of that $OPI!
    You need to tell where you can buy China Glaze in Toronto because I can't find them anywhere here in Montreal... next time i'm there ill check those stores out!

    Nice Haul btw!

  4. I'm on the hunt for Party Hearty! I've been eyeing the cuticle oil - have you tried it yet? What do you think of it?

  5. Awesome haul! Merry Christmas nice and early! I love that OPI polish!

  6. i was in sallys maybe 2 weeks ago and they were also sold out of party hearty so I bought it off ebay...which ended up working out cheaper. just waiting for it to come in the mail... Danielle, i would love to hear your thoughts on frosty...that was the second polish I was eye-ing but I thought I would stop at 1 bottle.

  7. Veronica - no prob :)

    Tasha - I can't wait to wear it! i'm in this dark mood lately. Let me know when you come to Toronto and I will let you know where to go :)

    Megan - maybe your best bet is to get it online if you can't find it at Sally's or beauty supplies in your area.

    I just finished writing a quick post on the cuticle oil, expect to see it up tomorrow :)

    JQ - Thanks :) me too, can't wait to try it out. my first ever Sephora by OPI was a limited edition Christmas polish from last year (Untarnished Image). I was searching for it for so long! then I finally found it months after Christmas in the States, a whole bunch of them lol

    Tina - Awesome!! I was so excited waiting for mine in the mail. The day I got it I did a bunch of layering expariments!

    I haven't tried frosty as a mani yet but I saw All Lacquered Up's swatches and was so happy I got it. Check out her blog if you haven't already, she has an awesome swatch :)

  8. nice haul! omg, that Sephora polish looks AMAZING!


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