Monday, November 8, 2010

Perfect Formula Review Part 1 - Pop Art

Hello ladies,

This week I have some swatches from a new to me polish company called The Perfect Formula.

The Perfect Formula started out selling products to strengthen and grow the nails, they have now created a new line of polish; The Perfect Color. They currently have a base line of 8 pink, red, and neutral shades plus two seasonal collections for this past Summer and Fall.

Below are the colours they sent me for review from their fall collection.

Left to right: Futurist, Avant Grey and Pop Art

Aren't the bottles and packaging cute?! I love how they have their seal on all their products and how everything is packed so nicely.

The packaging includes the directions and ingredients on the back and what the perfect colour is on the side pannel;

Perfect Color is formulated with "Instant Strength Technology" to give immediate instant strength and thickness to the nail. The custom designed brush, along with the perfectly pigmented polish, ensures a smooth and even application on the nail every time.

The directions insist on using the Perfect Formula gel coat as a base followed by the colour, then 1 coat of My Favorite Top Coat. Unfortunately, these were not supplied so I'm not sure if they add any thickness or protection to the nail when combined with the polish.

The amount of polish you get is more than OPI and just under the amount of a bottle of Orly, 17ml. The bottle is quite deceiving though, because it is short and chubby.

On to today's swatch, Pop Art.

This intensely pigmented forest green has a hint of blue. Only two coats were needed for opacity and it dried super quick! No clean up or top coat was applied for the photo.

The formula was great to work with, not too thick and not too thin. This particular colour is a cream and it applied perfectly!

The brush was nice too, below I have a comparison between The Perfect Colour brush (left) and the OPI Pro Wide brush (right).

Over all I was very impressed with this polish. My sister is currently testing out this shade for me to see how it wears with a basic bottom and topcoat. So far she has been wearing this for 2 days and it still looks great.

no clean up after application

Another thing to note about this colour is since it is so pigmented, it works great for Konading/ faunading! Such an awesome bonus :)

Stay tuned for the swatches of the other two colours coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For more information on The Perfect Formula and their polish collection, check out their website.

*this product was sent to me for review, all views expressed are my own.


  1. OO, that is pleasently nice.
    This is the first time I've heard of this company as well!

  2. toesthattwinkle - thanks :) it's perfect for fall

    milan and vanaily - thanks, for a newer polish company they are pretty good :)

    I have another two posts coming up soon for two more of their fall shades

  3. That is a very pretty teal! I've never heard of this company before, so I can't wait to see what you think of their other polishes!

  4. Thanks Zara :) I have one more polish review coming up and some of their sets to show you also coming up next week.


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