Friday, November 5, 2010

Winnings :)

Hey Ladies!

You would not believe the week I've had, super busy at work and running around to prepare some stuff for my boyfriend's b-day on the weekend :)

Unfortunately, haven't had time for my nails and even if I did, when I wake up for work it's dark, when I get home from work it's darker! So no natural light photography. I don't swatch so usually whatever I am wearing on the weekend gets the best pictures because I actually have the time to take pictures in natural light! Oh well, guess I have to start getting creative!

Anyways, this is way overdue but I would love to thank Anita from A Splash of Serendipity for throwing a great giveaway that I won :) I received my prize in the mail on Monday and was super excited to open it.

My winnings consisted of :
- 2 polishes, OPI ( my private jet!, not sure what version but still super awesome!) and NYX
- Halloween nail stickers which I will put to good use next year
- fauxnad image plate (loooove the bows and stars!)
- and purple eyeshadow (not pictured)

She also threw in a nail brush which has awesome thick bristles and toe separators! I really needed some new ones, I lost one of the others I own. Included in my little package was a sweet note also so thanks again Anita, you made my day :)

I am currently wearing My Private Jet and will post soon. By looking at the picture do you know what version it may be? On my nails it looks gray/brownish with holographic glitter, I don't think it's the original. Hopefully when I post my pics they will help. Let me know if you know :)

Coming up next week is a review on a new to me polish brand, The Perfect Formula. I have 3 of their fall colors to share with you and I love them all!

Have a great weekend, I should be back in full force on Monday :)


  1. my private jet looks sick! i cant wait to see the swatches! what a nice prize, your a lucky girl!

  2. MPJ - JEALOUS!!! And that NXY looks cool, too! Can't wait to see both of those.

  3. OoooooooOOooOOOOOOoOOoooooh! :P

  4. I'm glad they arrived ok and that you like everything. Pretty sure that's the new MPJ but I could be wrong.

  5. Toesthettwinkle - thanks I ope to have swatches up by Friday :)

    Megan - thanks, they are both super cool, MPJ is all sparkles in the sun :)

    JQ - ditto ;)

    Anita - thanks again. I heard there a a couple of different versions, but at this point I don't care because I love it :)

  6. ooo how fun winning! It'a always fun to get things in the mail :) kekeke

  7. milan and vanaily - I love getting nail mail :)

  8. Danielle: I know, it's like christmas morning! You almost want to rip the package with your teeth out of excitement. hahahahaha.


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