Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wild and Willing - mani refresh

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a mani refresh to my layering experiment I did with Sally Hansen, Sequin Scandal and Color Club, Wild and Willing. When I added wild and willing I didn't expect for it to show too much and be as dramatic as it looked. Sure it looked pretty cool, almost like Orly, Space Cadet, but if that's what I was going for I would have just put that on instead.

At the time it was a little too much for me, so I looked through my Konad and BM plates to see if I could find a full nail stamp to give my mani a little something special.

please enlarge all images!!

I chose BM plate 19 and double stamped sideways so I could cover the full width of some of my larger nails. There is a bit of overlap in the stamping, but I like it :)

I love the look overall, stamping black over an already dark colour gives a more subtle, softer look I think.

Here it is in the sun so you can see the pattern a little better, very hard to capture under regular lamp light!

And here it is with the standard flash.

What do you ladies think? I was very happy with this one and removed it after a full week of wear! It wore amazing by the way!


  1. Pretty color (I think I missed your post yesterday)! I like that circle pattern - I used it over Color Club What A Shock! Cute. :)

  2. I LIKE! I like A LOT! I really love the Konad circle design. I REALLY need to get some more Konad plates. I only have 4. Lol. :)


  3. So awesome! I just love that pattern and the contrast against the sparkle really works. Wish I'd been around more the past few weeks. It's FREAKING DECEMBER tomorrow! Ahem...where'd November go?

  4. I love it! I really like Konading with colors that are kind of close to each other.

  5. Megan - thanks :) i like how I finally made full use of the full nail designs and to actually fit the full width of my nails!

    Lindsay - thanks :) I used a Bundle Monster plate for this design, they are cheap if you are looking to buy some more

    JQ - thanks, that what i liked about it too, definitely one of my favorite manis :) December tomorrow, does that mean I get to start my Christmas manis? lol

    Zara - me too, I like how it's not too over the top

  6. oh man, this is a gorgeous mani! And you did a great job with the double stamping of BM plates! I keep struggling with double stamping..I really do suck at lining them up. what camera do you use? your pictures are super clean!

  7. shortwide nails - thanks! I still don't have it mastered, but a little bit more practice should help :) The camera I am currently using a Pentax DSLR for my photos. The odd time I will use my panisonic point and shoot but the pictures come out crispter withthe SLR.


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