Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Haul? More like boxing day haul!

Hey Ladies,

Hope you had a great Christmas and are enjoying time off if you have it. I go back to work tomorrow but it is a short week, I get Friday off. I was looking forward to creating an after Christmas haul post... but no one got me nail polish! lol My family refused because of all the polish I currently own, which I guess I can look at as a good thing. My boyfriend and his sister, however, did pick me up some polish for Christmas :)

First up is OPI Ink. My Boyfriend sure does know polish ;) Both he and I love these deep, multishimmer shades. I'm really glad he picked it up for me and plan on putting it on my toes very soon.

Click photos to view all the shimmery goodness!

Next, what his sister got me, L.A Girl in Groovy and Stayin' Alive. Both these polishes are black light glowing! Can't wait to try these ones out :)

For readers out there who are unfamiliar with boxing day, its the equivilate of the States black friday. Basically on boxing day in Canada stores are open super early with limited amounts of door crashers and sales to get rid of their winter stock and make way for the new items.

I'm usually not one to venter out on these days as I can be very inpatient when lots of people are around. But the last couple of years me and my sister have gone for fun, I never go for the bigger door crasher sales. whatever is left when I get there is all I look though. This year there were some okay deals, but I didn't really buy much. BUT, I did make sure to stop by a local beauty supply to get my fix of polish that I did not receive for Christmas!

I doubted that they would have any sort of sale, as their prices are the lowest I have seen for China Glaze and OPI, but they had a small promo for no tax. Works for me!

Click photos to view all the shiny goodness!

As you can tell I was still in the holiday spirit! I picked up Mistletoe Kisses and Midnight Kiss from China Glazes current Christmas collection. These were $4.99 each.

Click photos to view all the shimmery goodness!

Continuing on with the holiday theme, the OPI's include Tease-y Does It, Brand New Skates and... wait for it ... MERRY MIDNIGHT!!

Now I have been to this beauty supply A LOT, so I'm not sure if I had just greatly over looked this polish or they got it in recently, but I almost had a heart attack when I found it! I was so close to purchsing this off ebay for $25+ I wanted it so bad. So happy I found this polish, it really made my day :) each OPI cost me $7.99.

I also got a bottle of Seche Vite for $6.99, but you all know what that looks like lol.

So how did you ladies make out for Christmas? Any special gifts you were extra excited to receive? Any lemmings finally fulfilled ;)


  1. Looks like you got a great haul of goodies! Way to go on the Merry Midnight - awesome find. That's too bad that the family doesn't want to get you any nail polish, booooO! lol

  2. I LOVE Brand New Skates, you will not be disappointed! I love OPI ink!

  3. you are so lucky to have found Merry Midnight! was that the last bottle they had?? lol
    Great choices! brand new skates and Ink are on my to get list Will you do a N(or toe)OTD??

  4. dangggg! Ink & Merry Midnight look beautifulllll!!

  5. Brooke - I'm so excited to wear it!

    Toesthattwinkle - I hope so! i kind picked up Brand New Skates impulsivly, haven't seen too many swatches of it before. Ink looks super awesome too, my boyfriend is the best :)

    Cupcake - I know! I have been wanting this polish for a while, i think there were a couple of bottles left. I hope to do a pedi with Ink very soon, I will definitely post. Brand New Skates should follow in a little bit also on my finger nails.

    Katrina - thanks can't wait to try them all!


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