Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now Begins the New Years Eve Manis...

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a simple, sparkly mani for this last week of 2010. New Years always seems to sneak up on me right after Christmas. Still don't have definite plans, but looks like dinner and a quiet night alone with my wonderful boyfriend :)

For today's mani I used a polish I was crazy lemming last year around this time, Sephora by OPI's Untarnished Image. I don't know why I was so crazy over it, but I had to have it! I even did a quick mani with it in store on all of my nails once or twice around Christmas and New Years Eve!

Since it was a part of the limited edition Christmas collection last year, it was very hard to find. I did, however, end up finding it on a short shopping trip to the U.S in late February, they had tones! I got so excited I almost purchased 2!

As you can see, this polish is comprised of silver micro glitter in a clear base. To reach opacity I believe I used 3-4 coats, which was no problem at all because it dries super fast. In the photos you can see slight VNL, but it is less apparent in real life. I actually really like this look :)

Stay tuned, tomorrow I have some sparkly fauxnading :)


  1. This is very shiny! I love this on you!

  2. Thanks :) I applied some Konad and Seche Vite and it is super glossy and shiny now, I love it :) Photos will be up tomorrow

  3. That looks really nice! I bet it'd look great over a dark blue.


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