Friday, December 3, 2010

Claire's Mood polish - Refresh with Topcoat

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a mani Refresh for Claire's Flirty/Shy. I kept it simple, 1 topcoat of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I really love it :)

Click to enlarge all photos! I couldn't get the flakies to appear with just my camera flash alone (they literally disappeared in the photo). So all of my pictures below are with my desk lamp light.

I will keep this post short so you can enjoy the photos.

Under lamp light to get the reflection of the flakies on camera.

lamp light and flash

lamp light

lamp light and flash

Have a great weekend :)


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  2. I love love love this! Im dying to get Hidden Treasure!

  3. Me too! I always check for it but I guess it's not easy to find here. :( It looks pretty stellar on that blue!

  4. BoldNBeautiful Makeup - thanks!

    Toesthattwinkle - thanks. I didn't really care about HT when it came out because I had other flakie polishes, I kept seeing it in store too! I finally caved in and i'm glad i did :)

    JQ - I think it may be discontinued since it was a LE. They have such small quantities for those collections :(


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