Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

Hello ladies,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Holiday time and New Years eve. I am just getting back to work today, I was hoping to have posted my New Years mani on Friday but ended up being so busy that it didn't happen.

What's even worse, unfortunately, is that I forgot to take a picture of it! I was wearing it for 3 days too!! What I did end up wearing was a polish from China Glazes Christmas collection, Midnight Kiss. Pretty fitting huh ;)

I wore it on its own, 2 coats were good enough. I really love this polish, I own a few foils but have never really worn them, this one is stunning on. It's a very light champagne gold, not too yellow which I like.

What I decided to do lastnight was Konad it up a bit, half way though was when I had realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the plain mani! Below is what I came up with.

I tried to free hand the tips with a Nailene french tip pen I purchased in black, but it was acting up on me :( it was bleeding so bad that I couldn't use it, It's the first time its ever happened for me, anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how to fix this problem?

Since that wasn't working I decided to just freehand the tips with black polish, it turned out alright. Overall, I wasn't really feeling it the next morning and took it off and applied a new polish.

What I did realize since I had not usd my Konad plates in a while was that the size for full nail designs ae PERFECT for my nails! The fishnet pattern also worked great on my thumb nails when used width wise. I have been using my BM plates more often and had been taking my Konad ones for granted! If more BM plates are released I really hope they increase the size of their full nail designs.

So what do you ladies think of this mani? Yay or Nay?


  1. I love the konad! It really pops over the gold

  2. Thanks Kathleen! I really love the gold on it's own, I wish i had remembered to take a picture :(

  3. Beautiful! you have great nails....=)

  4. Nat, thanks, you're sweet :) it took a while to get them to look like this. I finally also just started taking biotin which will hopefully maintain the strength and length of them :)


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