Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Others...

It seems I have been on a polish buying frenzy lately! You all saw my haul from Boxing day and Christmas, but here are some other polishes I purchased after the holidays.

Hard Candy
These polishes I actually purchased the week before Christmas. I was doing food shopping at Wal Mart and got distracted. While wondering in the gift isle I found a bunch of Hard Candy makeup gift sets, this was one of them.

Unfortunately all of the colours are unnamed, but I bought this set in particularly because the orange polish looked very similar to Lava which is currently unavailable in Canada. The box is labeled " Library", not sure if that is the name of the collection, this was the only set I found at the time.

This set included zipper flowers instead of the standard hard plastic ones lol. I ended up giving them to my sister and little cousin, but kept the black one, I prefer the plastic hearts personally. Since the Wal Mart's in Canada do not carry polish (Does anyone know why? Doesn't make sense that the gift sets were sold here, kind of confused!), I had never tried these before so I didn't really know what to expect.

click to enlarge and see the colorus better

The black polish with the silver glitter was the worst of the bunch, super thick and gloopy, even with thinner :( I really like this one too, reminds me of Orly, Goth. Note: not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the black polish had a small amount of silver glitter.

The orange/red shimmer and purple polishes were alright, and the pink sparkly polish was a little sheer.

Overall I was disappointed with this collection; no real theme, no formula consistency and the polish stunk! Are all Hard Candy's like this?

I picked up all 4 polishes for $9

After christmas I checked out Wal Mart again and found a couple more of the gift sets, I picked up 2 for my sister (bronzer/eyeshadow kit and mascara kit) and I picked up myself a pack of the mini holiday polishes. The total for all 3 kits came out to $10! All Christmas items had been reduced to 50% off! The nail polish kit I purchased below was $2.50.

Again the polishes were unnamed, and although I haven't swatched them yet, I have noticed that the brush is actually pretty good for a mini polish.

Joe Fresh
Joe polishes are, as far as I know, sold in Canada exclusively at Superstore/Lablaw locations. I have also never owned this brand of polishes before but decided to give them a try seeing how the gift packs of 3 were 50% off. I think that was one of the main things keeping me from purchasing these polishes in the past, you only get 6ml of polish for $4 each? Kinda steep for such a small bottle of polish.

Onyx, Steel and Beet

Onyx - a dark, dark grey. (pretty much black)
Steel - a dark black base with grey/silver microglitter
Beet - a deep burgundy

Imperial, Midas and Dupioni

Imperial - shimmery blurple (reminds me of OPI Ink, but not not exactly the same)
Midas - a yellow/gold shimmer. Think China Glaze Cat Eye, Peace on Earth or OPI at your Quebec and Call, same idea.
Dupioni - a soft white shimmer

I was VERY pleasantly surprised with these polishes including colour originality, application, formula, brush, everything was prefect! The only thing I would change is the size, 6ml still seems so small to me. If you got more for your money I would definitely be buying more in the future.

These polishes cost $4 on their own, but there is always a running promo going on, 3 for $10.

I went shopping on new years eve and did some exchanging from Christmas and came across a Konad kiosk in the mall. They had a sign that said 50% off so I asked what it included, it was only the polishes they sold but some of those polishes included OPIs. There wasn't that great of a selection so I only picked up Wing It and Pamploma Purple.

These both were $5 each! Other colours that they had that were memorable include Yoga-ta Get This Blue and Russian Navy Suede. they also had a couple of China Glaze and Color Club polishes, but nothing special, these were also $5 each.

Have you had any major haulage after the holidays?


  1. aww those little Hard Candy sets look sooo cute!!

  2. Great haul! I looked for that first Hard Candy set but haven't seen it. :( That orange looks a lot like Lava.

  3. Nice! I love that Pamploma Purple... :)

  4. Thanks ladies :) I have been buying way too much polish lately!! at least it's been on sale

  5. haha Danielle...I have been buying lots of nail polishes too! esp. GOSH nail polishes. They are on sale at shoppers drugmart for 5.99. Great quality nail polishes...have you tried them before?

  6. Nat - I purchased 2 polishes from Gosh before at Shoppers for $3 each! they were on clearance for some reason. The 2 I own are Blue Monday and Golden Dragon. I haven't worn them as a full mani yet, but Blue Monday is really awesome!

    Do you know what Gosh usually costs at Shoppers? are they sold anywhere else in Canada?

  7. WOW $3...thats an awesome deal! I think they are exclusive to shoppers. I haven't seen them anywhere but shoppers. Usually Gosh costs about $7. I think its a bit pricey but the quality is good usually 1 coat is enough and they are great for konad!

  8. Nat - thanks for letting me know! I wonder why my 2 colours were on clearance... I still see them in a display at Shoppers, weird.


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