Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Goodies and Nail Art to Share! Very Pic Heavy!!

Hey Ladies,

Today I have some goodies that were sent to me for review from, the Born Pretty Store. Jessica at the Born Pretty store was nice enough to let me pick the items I want too! Before I get to the items I received, I want to briefly discuss the actual online shop.

Born Pretty has their own website (which has been liked at the top of the page) as well as an eBay store that specializes in beauty products mostly related to nail polish/art and accessories. They have a large selection of nail art items including:

- nail stickers
- rhinestones
- bullion beads
- striper brushes
- full nail sticker/foil
- fimo canes
- fried flowers
- fauxnad plates

and much, much more!

Not only do they have a large selection of items but their prices are awesome! I just purchased a set of 5 dotting tools off their eBay store for under $3 including shipping! I haven't received these yet, but when I do, you will definitely know!

Talking about waiting for items in the mail, I will start this review off with shipping time. Now, I don't know how accurately the length of time it took to me receive my items will necessarily be for the rest of you because they were sent on December 14th, which is probably the worst for shipping since it is close to Christmas and New Years. Not only that but they had also listed on their eBay store that shipping may take longer due to rain and snow storms.

I eventually received my items on January 21st, which was about a month and 7 days total from China to Toronto, Canada. I admit I was impatient, but when I received my new nail art toys was very happy :)

First up I have bullion beads! These were enclosed in a small resalable plastic bag, which is good because during shipping it looks like my package was thrown around a lot! As you can see in the photo, there are little bullion beads stuck on the edges of the enclosure, this makes it difficult to turn to open at times, but I doubt this is how it was originally sent and it is probably due to shipping.

Application of these to my nails was fine, I used the point of an orange wood stick to pick them up and place on my nail (which I had swiped some clean polish on.) One thing I noticed with the yellow beads is that the colour does bleed. I only noticed this during the removal process when I was picking them off. I guess the best way to avoid this to use nail glue to adhere the beads (so you don't need a topcoat) or use a very thin topcoat over the full design when you are done.

Next I have half pearls, these are awesome and I love how they look on the nail. These are supplied in 3 different sizes. I used the same application as the bullion beads, orange wood stick to pick them up and nail glue or topcoat to adhere them to the nail. I personally prefer nail glue for all nail art I apply. No issues with these at all :)

Lastly I have some fauxnad supplies :)

Below are comparisons of my actual Konad scaper and stamper.

The scrapers are the exact same size, the only difference is the Konad one has a plastic blade, which I purchased specifically because I prefer it to the metal one. The faux-konad scraper has a thin metal plate which I find much thinner than the regular Konad one.

The stampers are pretty much identical with the exception of colour (black is Konad, pink is form the Born Pretty Store)

These came as a part of the Hello Kitty fauxnad nail art plate which also features other designs such as flowers, dolphins, another cat, a butterfly, grapes and a 4-leaf clover.

But before I show you the actual plate and the art on my real nails, the day this arrived I couldn't help but start to play with it right away on a fake nail! Below is what I came up with.

please enlarge to see the nail art better

I used the Hello Kitty image in a Sally Hansen chrome polish with no issues at all with application, the plate works the same as any other Konad/fauxnad plate out there that I have used. I then added some black billion beads to her eyes and some pearl decoration to the top right side of the nail.

Below is my second attmept over Brand New Skates. I used a pink Perfect Formula polish that was very well pigmented for stamping.

please enlarge to see the nail art better

Love this! Super cute floral images and of course Hello Kitty. Below is the full plate.

please enlarge to see the nail art better

Next I decided to add some of the bullion beads and pearls. I used pink beads for Hello Kitty's eyes and purple, yellow and a lighter pink for the middles of the flowers. I finished the whole look off with some pearls at the base of my nails.

please enlarge to see the nail art better

So there you have it, I hope I still have some of you ladies still with me! I think this is the longest post I have written! Overall I am very happy with the products I received, you can expect to see some Hello Kitty themed manis coming up soon :)

* these products were sent to me for review, all views and opinions expressed are truthful and my own.


  1. OOO, I love the half pearls! Funny thing I was just thinking about the bornpretty things I still need to review. LOL

  2. This surely was a nice post. Love the nails! Hello Kitty looks bit demonical, though. :D

  3. I love the half pearls. Very original!
    I'm waiting Hellow Kitty manis...
    Hugs! ;-)

  4. Love the pearls, I'm definitely going to check out this site. I've ordered items from China before and from my experience 4 weeks for shipping is common.

  5. Hi, Danielle! I love the tiny beads! I've been wanting to buy more of those in different colors. I have very limited colors. :)

  6. milan and vanaily - glad i reminded you ;) can't wait to see what you got

    Salla - thanks lol with the pink eyes?

    Angeles - thanks, me too :) hopefully I can come up with some cute hello kitty manis

    Queen of crap - I wish shipping wasn't so long!

    Hey rins :) they are fun to play with, i love the cupcake manis you have done with them!


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