Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Amazing Blue One-coater!

Hello ladies,

Today I have the first polish I have ever tried from American Appearal. I have purchased a total of 6 polish from them and this is the first time I have tried them out. All I have to say is WOW! If all the polishes are as awesome as this one than they are worth the high price. On a quick side note, I was so turned off of them because of the price, I mean they came out with polish out of nowhere! But I take it all back now, and as soon as I can I am going there to get some more!

The first polish I chose to wear out of my small collection of AA polishes was Peacock, A dusty blue with slight green undertones. Like all the other AA polishes, this is a cream.. and what a cream! In these pictures I am only wearing ONE COAT! I used a base as always, but decided to skip the topcoat all together because it is just so glossy on it's own.

I'm curious to see how much wear I get from one coat of polish and no topcoat. I just can't get over how opaque and glossy this is, the gloss was hard to capture in a picture, it shows a little more in the picture below.

* note: I had written this post last night and during the night I got some sheet marks so I had to add a top coat to make the polish smooth again :(

Application was obviously awesome, I can't remember the last time I applied a polish this opaque and smooth :) It's been a while since I wore a cream colour. I'm hoping to do some nail art with this colour in a couple of days.

Do you own any AA polishes? If so, which one is your favorite?


  1. I have three and with two of them I experienced lot's of tip wear. from the first day.

  2. I've never used this brand, but I've seen it around blogs quite much lately... I must say the shade is beautiful, if nothing else.

  3. Une Ruxi à Paris - nooo! i hope I don't get a lot of tip wear, but we shall see.

    Salla - Thanks, it is so much nicer in person, this was a hard shade to photograph

  4. Wow! So beautiful! I love cremes that are one coat. And this color! This color! Ah! Amazing!
    And I'm sure it's more beautiful in real life. My camera always has issues when trying to photograph blue or green polishes.



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