Monday, February 28, 2011

OPI Tease-y Does It

Hello ladies,

Hope you had a great weekend :) I actually took ANOTHER trip to the U.S, this time it wasn't really planned. I did get to hit up some of the places I had missed before and get some great deals at Sally's (again! loving the U.S Sally's!). More on that haul in another post.

Today I have an OPI polish from the holiday Burlesque collection, this is Tease-y Does it.

Doesn't the bottle look awesome?! Although it is not a completely accurate representation of what you get on your nails, it does look awesome. This colour was hard to capture on camera so I took a bunch of pictures in different lighting to give you a good representation.

The first 2 photos below are with my camera flash.

As you can see, Tease-y Does has a deep and dusty purple base (almost brown in some lights) and a hint of shimmer red/gold shimmer. It's not really a duochrome, but those were the only colours I saw on the nail. In the bottle the shimmer shifts between green, orange, gold and red.

The last picture I took in indirect sunlight.

All images, as always, are clickable to view every little detail of the polish. I chose to wear this polish because of my short nails, I like dark colours on short nails. They are actually growing in pretty well, which is great :) My secret?...

I have been using Biotin since January, and you know what, I haven't had a break in my thumb nails since! Those nails have been breaking since fall! The recent break I had was my own fault, I had just removed my polish and slammed my finger in to a railing lol I'm such a clutz.

I should do a comparison shot of right after I cut my nails and a month later to see how long they grew. Would you be interested in my progress with Biotin in the future?


  1. This one is a stunner!! I have it too, and don't regret buying it. your nails look great short too, I didn't even notice you trimmed them.

  2. Yea it's pretty :) I changed it after a couple days, but it wore very well. thanks! usually when my nails are short they are small and stumpy, this time they weren't too bad, and i'm certain that they grew back a lot faster than usual.

  3. I have this color but I haven't tried it! It looks lovely! Now I have to try!

  4. rins - it had been sitting in my stash also, I had originally purchased it right after Christmas

  5. Patricia - thanks! it glam and sparkly without being over the top because of the deep base colour


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