Thursday, February 24, 2011

My U.S Haul :)

Hello ladies,

Time for some haulin'! As you all know I headed to Buffalo NY last Friday for some cross-boarder shopping. Me and my boyfriend (... mostly me) made a list of the places we wanted to check out, some of which included:

Niagara Falls Fashion Outlet Mall
Walden Galleria Mall
Dollar Tree
Rite Aid
Big Lots

I hope to help those visiting Buffalo in the near future find some good stuff :)

The first polishes I have are from Rue 21 which was located in the outlet mall.

I picked up these 2 L.A Girl Rock Stars, left to right, Rockstar and Supernova. They had a bunch of other polishes, I remember seeing some neons and black light shades. There was also another brand of scented polish also. I picked these up for $3.99 each I believe. Supernova is a sheer black base packed with prismatic bar glitter. I thought this polish would have an opaque black base, but after trying it out I think this would be best layered.

Here's a close up of Rockstar, it is a black polish with duochrome shimmer. Reminds me of OPI, Tease-y Does It, but with a black base or Sinful Colour, What's Your Name.

Next I have some purchases from Walden Galleria. First, let me start off my saying that this mall has many beauty shops and is a good place to stop off at if you are looking for polish! Although, I didn't go nuts here, just got what I "needed" lol.

Below are my purchases from Sephora. I got some gift cards from Christmas and love spending them in the States because everything is a lot cheaper. i.e, in Canada Sephora by OPI polishes go for $12! The dollar is at par too so it sucks of us! One thing I did notice is that Sephora seems to be raising their OPI polish prices from $9.00 to $9.50, not a huge jump, but the polish is already pricey.

I picked up IM Beauty, Traffic Stopper Copper and Havana Nights. IM Beauty was on sale for $5, while the other 2 were full price at $9.50.

IM Beauty is a light, soft yellow cream. I didn't intend on picking this polish up, but it was on sale and will be a perfect colour for spring and summer. I love how it looks with Havana Nights, may have to come up with a mani where I can use them together.

I knew I had to have this when I first saw it, I mean, I already have Flurry Up and Only Gold For Me! This is basically the same as those but copper, hex and small glitter in a clear base. I was glad to see that they had many in stock at this location, ad the one at Yorkdale mall hardly has a sample!

I had thought about Havana Nights for a while, but was indecisive it I really wanted it or not. Going to Buffalo I knew I wanted to pick this one up, It's a light baby blue cream and I LOVE my blues :)

Next stop in the mall, a Beauty Supply/Hair Salon? I didn't remember the name so I checked out their online directory, no real help unfortunately. I would definitely go back to this mall for this one place alone! They carried almost every brand of salon nail polish and had all the new collection displays out. I'm talking about crackle, Katy Perry and Texas. I saw two full displays of OPI Shatter and a full display of the new China Glaze Crackle... I'm kinda bummed out I didn't at least get 1 black to try out. But I figured I cold get it cheaper at Sallys.

Annnnnnyyways, I didn't go nuts and only got what I really wanted, OPI, Big Hair, Big Nails from the Texas collection. It's such a bright corally pink jelly :) with taxes this cost me under $8.00.

I went to several Dollar Trees but did not find exactly what I was looking for. I found the packs of 2 Cover Girl polishes, but nothing worth purchasing :( but I did find this cool nail tool, buffer, filler thing lol. It actually works alright for being a $1.

The next one I hit up had the Divas polish with the nail file in the handle I had seen recently on some blogs. I knew I wanted this colour specifically, so I picked it up and went on my way. Star is a light blue cream with slight teal undertones, not as blue as Havana Nights and a bit brighter. I would love to wear this layerd wih Traffic Stopper Copper, love the colour combo :)

The next stop was Ulta, I was amazed my first time but I knew what I wanted this time! Obviously Ulta has everything, unfortunately it was nothing I wanted :( I really wanted an essence stampy plate but they didn't have any left :( After not buying anything and being bummed out there I headed to Sally's which brightened my day.

I got Seche Vite and Seche Clear, BOGO free! Plus I got 20% off with a coupon, PLUS I got a free ION product since I renewed my card in the same month as last year AND got my $5 off coupon for my next purchase :) It was less than $5.00 for both polishes.

Seche Vite Top Coat

Seche Vite Base Coat

I decided to go with the ion Silk Drops which offers shine and frizz reduction. I actually used it the other day, it smalls like pink bubble gum :)

At Sally's I intended on picking up some China Glaze Crackle, unfortunately for me, the sales associate let me know that she wasn't sure if they were even getting them in! First the Anchors Away collection, now the crackle? wtf is up with Sallys!? Is is because of the Tronica collection, because that is kind of a disappointment also lol.

Although I intended on checking out a Rite Aid, by the time I passed by one I didn't feel like going in anymore, it had been a long day. I did really want to go to Big Lots but forgot! It's right beside the outlet mall too, but I was tired and forgot. Next time for sure!

Not sure if you ladies are interested, but I also checked out 2 Coach factory outlets, one on the U.S side and one on the Canada side and picked up an AMAZING full leather purse, it was originally $500! so I got an amazing deal. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it, and I will include a photo in my next post.

Hopefully you are still with me here, a long post indeed, but I hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. Great post. Nothing is better than crossing the border to shop, as they do have better price. Too bad you missed Big Lots, as people have found Perplex and Revlon duos there for $1/ bottle. But yeah, next time :)

  2. Wow, what a great haul. :) Can't wait to see swatches of these beauties. :)

  3. Halifax - I knoooow! I was so kicking myself, I was right there too! I might be heading there again within the next week or 2, not a whole day thing but I will have to stop by there for sure!

  4. wow looks like you got some good stuff! Can't wait to see the swathes

  5. great haul! sounds like you go to the exact same places as me in buffalo/niagara falls! i love shopping over the border! and that beauty supply place in walden is great! not the cheapest, but i have found some good stuff there!

  6. A lot of lovely polishes. What a haul!

  7. Great hauling! I haven't tried any of those Divas yet; will be interested to see how you like yours.

  8. Thanks ladies!

    Jessica D. - the place I went =had great prices, not super cheap, but cheaper than Canada for sure.

    KarenD - I might pull it out soon, I have a colour combo in mind for when I do wear it :)


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