Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Ultra HD - Laser PIC HEAVY!

Hey ladies,

Today I have one of the newer Sally Hansen HD polishes, I had originally purchased 3 of them in the fall when they were on sale at Rexall. My boyfriend picked out DVD (purple/blue duochrome foil), which I didn't think much of originally , but I think it may be my fave so far!

Not to say that Laser isn't awesome, this polish has a deep blue shimmer with a purple duochrome. I did layer this over a blue polish, I would think 2 coats would be find, but I used 3.

The formula is quite thin, as are most in this collection unfortunately, but layering is always an option. I took A LOT of pictures to capture the colours in this polish the best that I could. I guess I will let the photos speak for themselves ...

The first couple of photos were taken in natural light.

You have to enlarge this one to see the glow it gives off!

The next few were taken under lamp light so the purple is easily seen.

With flash

And one more by the window :)

What did you ladies think of this collection? Which Polish was your favorite?


  1. I've got DVD and Byte (pink) and I didn't think much of them at first either until I started layering them...and holy crap! None of my pics could quite capture the awesomeness either.

  2. I love Sally Hansen polishes, I'm so sorry we don't get them here. This is a beautiful color. drooling!!

  3. I've wanted to see these on nails for awhile...Thanks now I'll get DVD and Laser!!!

  4. thanks ladies :) I want to try a combo out one day of multiple polishes like this one layered to see what effect I get

  5. *___*
    And I'd love to see the result of the layering you suggested :>

  6. wow, this one is so pretty! *adds to wishlist*


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