Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sephora by OPI - 212

Hello ladies,

Apparently there was supposed to be a big snow storm here in Toronto today, I've also heard that a lot of Canada and the U.S would be effected as well. So far we weren't hit too bad, too much hype I think!

Today I have one of Sephora by OPI's polish from their limited edition holiday collection. This polish was also released prior to the holiday collection but I'm not sure if it was apart of another one. I'm talking about 212. Does anyone know why this name was picked for this polish? I'm curious to know why they chose a number.

I saw this polish in the store and knew I had to have it, look how awesome it looks in the bottle! There was only one left so I picked it up, and I'm glad I did! I'm usually never able to find the limited edition polishes at the closest Sephora to me.

This polish is hard to describe, and the swatch on the Sephora website is not even close! I want to say that this has a black base, but the gold shimmer give it an olive look. The most interesting thing about this polish is the flakies and holographic glitter, a very original polish in my opinion.

with flash

I'm pretty sure I applied 2 coats, but for some reason I want to say three lol. It applied alright, first coat was streaky, but the second coat evened everything out. The brush is nothing like the OPI pro-wide brush which kind of sucks, the brush for the Sephora line is actually quite narrow and thin.

This polish is super hard to capture, I would suggest clicking on the photos, as always ;) for a larger view.

As you can see I took a lot of photos lol I wanted to try and capture this polish's colour the best I could. The flakies mainly look and orange/red/copper colour but if looked at from a different angle (see image below) you can see that the flakies change green.

I wish the sun was out more often so I could enjoy this polish more. With grey skies and no sun it is hard to see what is truly going on in this polish.

What do you ladies think, do you have 212?


  1. I put 212 on on Sunday and it still looks great. It posted it on my blog on Monday. Since then I've had people e-mailing me asking to swap for it. I was surprised by that reaction.

  2. So pretty! Hard to decribe, I agree.

  3. Thanks ladies,

    Stephanie - I was one of the commenters lol I was wearing it at the time when I saw your post on Monday. It's an interesting polish, I don't think that anything would come close to a dupe. I saw a blogger franken a close dupe though.

  4. I have 212 =] I just posted about it as well! Haha!!

    I've read they named it 212 because it was created to celebrate the new Sephora store in NYC. 212 is the NYC area code! Gorgeous pictures!

  5. It has a nice space-y look to it. As for the storm, many schools are closed. I'm not sure why mine isn't SOOOO I'm going to make my own snow day, because I don't want to end up commuting for 2 hours while freezing my butt off!

  6. Janna - thanks for letting me know! I wasn't sure if anyone knew, very interesting.

    Milan and vanily - I know what you mean! The commute to work this morning for me was the same as it is every day, but I dread going home. I have a feeling it's going to be a mess :(

  7. Oh this is soooo pretty! I need me some more flakies! Glad you got such a loverly one!

  8. Danielle: Oh yea, I find that going home is usually the worst. Especially from downtown... rush hour... squeezing on the subway.

    Makes a woman bitter... lol!

  9. JQ - thanks :) Pick it up while you still can!

    milan and vanaily - VEEERRRY bitter lol

  10. this one is strangely beautiful! i like it :D

  11. Katrina, lol thats a good way to describe it, strangely beautiful :)

  12. i like the idea of this polish but i think it has too many elements going on in it. it'd be better minus the glitter i think

  13. Lindasy - when I first purchased the polish I didn't notice the glitter, when I got home I did, but only in the bottle. I'm glad that it is pretty subtle on the nail, I agree if there was more glitter seen on the nail in real life it would definitely be too much

  14. I know this comment is late but I just found this post. I love this polish. I know I won't be able to get it now though. :(


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