Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black Crackle and Prismatic Sparkle

Hello ladies,

today I have another crackle mani to share, it's actually a refresh from the lovely China Glaze, High Def from the Tronica collection. Although I loved this polish on its own, I just had to try out my new crackles :)

I chose Black Mesh to go over top. Although I had tested this crackle over many fake nails to play around with different effects, when it came to my own nails I felt like the application was completely new! I wanted to the crackle to appear more linear and thin, so for my first nail, left pinky, I applied 1 thin coat.

As you can see in the photos, this coat was a little too thin, so for the next nail I applied a thicker coat, and as you could imagine I got a bolder crackle. Overall, I love the look of a metallic or silvery/glittery polish under the black crackle, it really pops, I just wish I had gotten the crackle to apply more in the pattern I had hoped it to be.

One thing that I find is that the finish of the polish you are painting over with the crackle effects the overall pattern. For example, over a smother polish a more linear pattern is produced, where as on a more gritty, glitter polish the crackle can come out completely different.

I would suggest test painting a fake nail with the base you want to use and try the crackle over it before applying to your nail so you know what your going to get.

I have not tried any other application (blobbing, zig-zags, etc) on my own nails yet, but I think I will use the zig-zag or criss cross method on my next crackle mani. I tried this method on a fake nail and the pattern came out looking very similar to a cheetah pattern! I have also seen it look like a more floral pattern, so depending on which colour crackle you use and the base polish will effect the pattern you get.

Below is the look of the crackle I got on my right hand.

And.. I also had to throw in some sunlight photos:

What do you think, do you like this combo?

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