Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cousin to Zoya Crystal/OPI Reflecting pool?

Today I have a random find from a random brand. I actually see this brand a lot at the warehouse I always talk about. I have a couple polishes from this brand (Miss B Rainbow?), they tend to all come in different bottle shapes and they are super stinky!

During my last trip there I found this and a couple other that I took home with me. I don't like buying this polish because of the smell, it is really bad, the worst smelling polish I own. It hurt my head a bit which is not good! Another problem is the quality of the brush. Lucky for me the brush for this polish was alright, but in the past I have gotten brushes that are cut on an angle! Despite the smell and the brush, they come out with some really interesting colours and finishes, so I will give them that.

This polish is no exception, it appears to be a bright blue/green teal shimmer, but what it really reminds me of is Zoya, Crystal or OPI, Reflecting Pool. The shimmer consists of super fine teal, silver and gold flakie shimmer. It was hard to capture in my pictures, so I have a lot to show you! The finish isn't exactly like Zoya and OPI and it is much finer, however, the colour combo is pretty close from the photos I have seen. First I have the polish in natural indirect light from my window indoors.

White Lamp Light. This is the most accurate photo for colour.

Outside in direct sunlight

You really need to zoom in to see what I'm talking about with the shimmer. In real life the colour leans more green than blue. It also has a superfine foily finish. Very neat, I love how it looks different in different lighting, it's very mermaid to me! What do you ladies think?


  1. Where is this warehouse? In toronto?

  2. Yeah, it's in Toronto. Here is the website: http://www.designerfragrance.ca/ their site is not really updated as you can see but this was where I purchased all my Sally Hansen Nail Prisms for 50 cents each!

  3. thanks! that one in scarborough is actually not too far from me!

  4. No probs :) I've been to the Lawrence location and the Weston Road which is literally a short walk fro my house, I frequent this one the most. The Lawrence location has a very small amount compared to the Weston Rd location, let me know how is is there and what you end up getting :)


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