Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally Got My Crack!

Hello ladies,

I finally got my hands on some polish Crack! lol

Originally when the whole crackle polish thing started to resurface with OPI's "shatter" polish, I wasn't too impressed, actually didn't really like the idea at all! But I think it was after seeing the awesome shades that China Glaze came out with that really grabbed my attention.
The first time I actually saw the Crackle polish in store I didn't pick it up, and trust me I am kicking myself now! I honestly did not expect it to go so quickly! But in the end I ended up with a good amount of the collection, although I am still craving Broken Hearted :( Here is what I got:

Crushed Candy

Black Mesh

Crushed Concrete
Lightning Bolt -on it's was in the mail, so no photo yet. I should arrive today :)

...Oh and did I mention that I got all these polishes for free? FOR FREEE!!! Do you want free polish? I have posted about swagbucks before, but honestly within the last little while it has just gotten better and there are so many more ways to collect points and trade them in for awesome swag!

I generally use up all my points for Amazon gift cards and use them to support my polish addiction :) If you would like to learn more, sign up and receive a link to a site that will actually notify you when swag codes (find swag codes, get more points = free polish) become available, please contact me directly so I can refer you, my email is in my info at the top of the page :)

Trust me, it's so worth it, I don't even know how many polishes I have purchased through Amazon because of Swagbucks.

Annnnnyways, back to the crack lol These arrived within the time alloted from Amazon and I was super excited when I got them, I can't wait to wear all of these as full manis so expect to see them soon!

Which is your favorite Crackle polish from the China Glaze collection?


  1. OMG Swagbucks?? Free crackle??? Dang!!!

  2. lmao!! I love the title of this post!<3

  3. HOW FUN! I only grabbed a couple of these - I'm kinda looking forward to the new Shatter colors OPI is releasing.

  4. Prettyfulz - lol thanks, I had been waiting all week to use that line!

    Megan - awesome, can't wait to see what colour combos you use. I'm not too excited about he OPI ones, mostly just the silver shatter. I'm interested to see what they look like though


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