Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Found Some Halo!

Hello ladies,

Today I have one of the two polishes I purchased from China Glazes LE Tronica collection. I sooooo regret not getting Laser Lime when I had the chance, now it will probably be impossible to find for a decent price. I picked up my Tronica's at Sally's at the end of February on sale for $3.99 which is awesome!

When I first heard about this collection I was super excited because I didn't get a chance to purchase any of the OMG polishes when they were still around. I was then disappointed when I heard by other bloggers that these were a let down, as the prismatic particles were not as strong when compared to the polishes in the OMG collection. I still liked some of the colours so I decided to pick up Techno Teal and High Def.

I applied High Def on the weekend, the sun was literally blinding in Toronto, so I figured this would be the perfect chance to see the prismatic polish in action. I was surprised in the best way! Yes, the polish does not have a linear "halo" like the OMG polishes, BUT, I really like the effect this polish has, its like a subtle halo with amazing prismatic particles bouncing off the light. I really love it.

These photos honestly do not do this polish justice, the best photos I could get were in my boyfriends car! lol I always seem to get the best pictures in there for some reason! In the other photos you can see mostly scattered glitter particles, but in the car photos you can see the tiniest bit of a linear effect, it's sooooo cool! Could not stop looking at my nails whenever the sun was out this weekend. The car photos are below.

I can even see the light reflecting particles at work! I have a pot light right over my head and the polish catches the light in one of the best ways possible, super pretty.

The actual shade of the polish is a mix between a light cornflower blue, and in some lighting it could even look like a light, blue toned purple.

This was definitely worth it for me to purchase, I can't wait to try Techno Teal and am hoping I can come across Laser Lime in the near future.

What are your thoughts on this collection, Yay or Nay?


  1. its really a pretty color, like a purple and blue? I wanna get OMG too, but cant find it online in most places or the price goes up like crazy >_< *cry*

  2. Hehe I just posted Laser Lime today ;) But Techno Teal is the one I regret not snagging when I had the chance!

  3. It's not quite as mesmerizing as the OMG collection, but for somebody like me who only has 2 from that collection, I was happy with Tronica. Your nails look great!

  4. I love these too, because when the OMG collection came out I was not an addict, and did not even know that China Glaze existed, in Europe we only have OPI and Maybelline, and stuff like that, so my polish knowledge was very small.

  5. Oooo I want it! That collection is already at $18 where I am :(

  6. WHAT ROCK WAS I UNDER?!??!?!?!?

    When did this come out? Ahhh I need to find this. Did that Jessica Nail place have it on orfus? :o

  7. this looks beautiful on you. you have lovely fingers!

  8. ♥ Pixie D ♥ - thanks, I know it's crazy how people take advantage of our addiction!

    Queen of Crap - How do you like laser Lime? I looked back at it when I picked up the other two and thought about it for a second... my reasoning was that I didn't want to buy TOO much polish that day... I should have gave in to the last one :(

    Megan - thanks :) I agree, not as bligy as the OMG collection, but still very pretty

    Une Ruxi à Paris - same here, I was not quite an addict when the OMG's came out

    Definitely Addicted - WHAT!! $18 that sucks. That is why I probably will never find Laser Lime :(

    milan and vanaily - lol I'm pretty sure that this collection was a Sally's exclusive. I did hear that it was also spotted in Cosmo prof, which is on Orfus too, but only open to professions :( I stopped going to Jessica's after I saw they raised their prices AGAIN within less than a year. and they were selling the China Glaze Crackles for $ 8 -9 each... way to take advantage of us.

    Lindsay -Aww thanks, you're sweet :)


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