Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hauling again... Part 1

Hello Ladies,

I had originally prepared this post before I hauled AGAIN on my second trip to the U.S in February. I will start off with a small haul I did here in Canada... I know, like I needed to buy more polish, I didn't get a lot this round though... so it's okay :)

I picked up this Kiss "nail designer" set for $2, it contains a white nail art polish, sticker gem stones and sticker guides for French manicures that also double as a template for a nail art design.

The next 2 polishes I wasn't really impressed with when I got them home. They are Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Nail Makeup. I got one in pink and one in baby blue. Sure the bottle look cool all chrome and such, but it is really not a good representation of the colour inside. The pink polish was a light pink but the blue was more of just a silver. I got these polishes with the intention of using them for stamping, when I tested out the pink one, it appeared silver :(

I am going to experiment to see if I can keep the chrome formula while adding a deeply saturated colour, such as blue :)

I made another trip to the same place the following week and ended up with these:

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, Neutral Shimmer. This polish if full of copper flakes, you really need to enlarge the photo to see what I mean. It looks thin in the bottle, but it is actually pretty opaque! I tried using it as a top coat but it didn't work out. Super unique polish though, has a foil-like finish and I love the rubber handle.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, Blush Charm. This one is a straight up baby pink pastel. Creamy, girly and pink!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Grape Goddess. This polish has a glow to it. The base is a purple shimmer but if flashes this lighter shade that really makes it glow.

Lastly, Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics, Sheer Glisten. This one did not photograph right at all! I would descibe it at a sheer polish topper with a duo chrome iridescence. It primarily flashes a bright teal but changes between other colours.

So that is all, more fun stuff to come soon including my second U.S Haul in 1 month!

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  1. Great Haul! the chrome polishes should be great for konad-ing :)


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