Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hauling Again Part 2... U.S

Hello ladies,

Today I have part 2 of my hauling from the last week of February. As you know I headed to the U.S again the last weekend in February and I wanted to make sure to check out some of the stores I missed on my list he first time around, this included:

Wal Mart
Rite Aid
Big Lots
Other Dollar Tree's

The first stop was Wal Mart.

The Wal Mart in The U.S. carries a lot more brands that the ones in Canada. Nail polish wise some brands that are not in the Canadian stores include:

Love My Nails
Pure Ice
Hard Candy

I really wanted Lava from Hard Candy but it was not included in the display. I did however find Sky, Beetle and others. Nothing really caught my eye so I moved on.

I ended up finding a polish I never thought I would, NYC, Love letters! Such a great layering polish, and for less than $1.

I also saw for the first time the Wet n' Wild quick dries. Only one colour, but this one was on my list, Party of Five Glitters.

The last 2 polishes I picked up were from Pure Ice, Busted and Dreamy.

Busted is comparable to the new Sally Hansen HD polishes or the Orly Cosmics, similar finish and definitley a duochrome. The only drawback? This polish is super sheer, I didn't expect that at all.

Dreamy is a pink jelly with tones of irridecent glitter packed in. I have a feeling this one may be sheer too. I also got a defective bottle, the brush wouldn't stay in properly :( I had to super glue it back which lead to much frustration and spilled glue.

Next I spotted some NYC's and Wet n' Wild fast dries. I picked up NYC's Love letters, an awesome duochrome, shimmery top coat, for 99 cents. I can't believe I actually got my hands on this one. It was the last one at the location I visited.

I also picked up Wet n' Wild Party of Five Glitters, the infamous close dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday and/or Milani's Gems. I had been wanting this polish for a while, but never spotted them in Canada. I went to a local Wal Mart last week and I finally found them, but it was very picked over, maybe only half of the collection was there if that, plus it cost more than the U.S.

Next stop, Ulta :)

Again Ulta is pretty cool, but the last time I checked it out I didn't find anything I really needed. This time I had a coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more so I picked up another polish from OPI's texas collection, Houston... We Have a Purple.

I had seen this one and though it was a cool colour, but I found that in some pictures is cleaned more red and was not terribly unique. I decided to pick it up any ways and try it out for myself. I have already worn it as a full mani and the finish is awesome!

Since the polish was $8.50 I purchased a mini location that was on sale for $1.99 in order to get the $3.50 off. My total at Ulta came out to under $8!

Across from Ulta is Sally's, which I LOOOVEEE so much more than the Canadian stores I've been to. They are cheaper, usually well stocked and from what I've found even friendlier! They even have better promos, I had missed out on some of these the last time around.

Bubble White was buy one get one free. I have seen reviews of this brand on youtube and it's supposed to work pretty well for cleaning stained nails. It was $1.99 for both.

The first thing I looked for when I walked in the store was the Crackle display... it was out, but totally empty! The sales associate let me know that they put it out 2 days earlier and they went fast! A display that was overly stocked was the Tronica collection. I ran over and scooped up the colours I knew I had wanted since I saw the promo pics, High Def and Techno Teal.

High Def is a light cornflower blue, I also hear that the shade is comparable to 2NITE from the OMG collection.

Techno Teal is a deep blue/green turquoise, this shade is comparable to DV8 from the OMG collection.

Both of these polishes have scatured prismatic glitter. I tested them out on a fake nail and they are pretty opaque in 1 stroke. I need to see if these will work well for Konading.

I'm sill kicking myself for not picking up Laser Lime :( I even checked a Sally's in Toronto last week but they didn't have that specific one. Since they had a promo going on, I picked these up in the States for $3.99 each

Lastly in the Niagara Fashion Outlets, I found a Fragrance store that offered 10 NYX makeup products for $10! Me and my sister got 5 each, my stash included:

Blue Ave. A sheer flakie topcoat with green and orange flakies of different sizes.

Purple Ave x 2. A sheer flakie topcoat with blue flakies.

2 lip glosses, one is a sheer red with gold shimmer, the other is a sheer orange with small pieces of gold glitter.

I picked up 2 of purple ave because they looked different in the store... when I got home they looked the same :( I actually already had one at home, but it looked totally different, weird huh?

I had never used NYX lip glosses before but these are awesome, love the colour and the formula. they have a little brush for application, really happy I picked these up :)

Stores I checked out that didn't have what I was looking for was:

Big Lots - they had Revlon's, but none that appealed to me
Dollar Tree - the one I checked out had nothing

I wanted to check out a Rite Aid and CVS but didn't end up passing by one.

So there you have it! I'm going to try to control myself for a little bit regarding hauling. I have some China Glaze Crackles in mail which should be arriving any day now. I have some cool ideas for those so we will see what happened. Hope you enjoyed my post :)


  1. Yeah I was going to comment how it was funny we didn't pick up any of the same polishes on our US hauls but then you picked up High Def haha. I didn't have any luck at the 3 or 4 Dollar Trees I found either.

  2. I hate that I had to pay $6 for Tronica, you grabbed sosme at a great deal

  3. great haul!
    I have heard that the Tronica collection doesnt compare at all to OMG! how do you rate them? worth picking up?

  4. For Me, It Works - I sure did :)

    Queen of Crap - Yea, between the 2 times I went I tried 4 Dollar Trees and although 1 store did carry the Cover Girl double packaged polishes, nothing really caught my eye.

    Halifax - I know, I hate that I didn't take a better look at the collection when I had the chance. I took a second look at Laser Lime, but I didn't want to buy too much from the collection.

    cupcake - although a lot of people are comparing the two collections, I think they are quite different. i don't own any of the OMG's unfortunately , but these are a different kind of prismatic polish, although from what I have seen on line the actual colour of the polishes look similar. They don't have the linear "halo" everyone loves, but I think they are pretty in their own way. I haven't worn them yet as I'm waiting for the sun to come out, but when I do I will definitely post about it.


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