Friday, April 29, 2011

The Haul That Wasn't Supposed To Be...

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I have a haul from a couple of weekends ago, I headed over to the U.S again and picked up some goodies :) ... The only problem is that I had given up buying polish for Lent. *Sigh* I tried my best and it was actually a day before Lent ended, so technically it's not that bad... right?!

Anyways I went to the usually places I always list when I cross the boarder, but also got a chance to check out Rite Aid and K-mart of all places! lol. Kee, if your reading this I looked all up and down Buffalo looking for Sally Hansen's Purple Gala for you but I couldn't find it! I will let you know when I do though ;)

Anyways, onward to the haul! First from Sally's. You all must know about the promo Sally has had for the month of April, buy any 2 polishes get 1 free. Ulta was also having this promo which I almost took part in, but you had to buy 3 polishes from the same brand in order to get one free... pretty crappy right.

First I have Orly, Green Apple

Orly, Terracotta

Orly, Crush

I don't recall ever shopping in a K-mart before but I didn't think it to be anything special. Boy am I glad I checked it out, I will definitely be returning next time! Where I live it's hard to find Milani polishes, the only place that sells it is the Superstore and they always have the same 10 colours, no new collections. Take a look at what I found:

Milani, Rad Purple

Milani, Fresh Teal

Milani, 1 Coat Glitter in Gold Glitz

Milani, 1 Coat Glitter in Silver Dazzle

Not only did I find polishes I thought I would never own, but they were all buy one get one half off, not too bad :) I also spotted Revlon's limited edition Black with Envy. Not really my shade so I left it. I do encourage you to check out a K-mart if there is one close by, almost all cosmetics were buy one get on half off. I never hear any other bloggers talk about K-mart so maybe I was just lucky this time?

Next is Wal-Mart, here I picked up Pure Ice, Twinkle. I think It will fulfill my lemming of NOX's Citrus... for now lol. It's a pretty pink-coral with gold shimmer.

At the Dollar Tree I didn't find any polish I liked, but I did find some nice hand cream :) Udderly Smooth lol so cheesy!

Big Lots had some polish, but again, nothing I really needed, so I got some foot lotion instead :)

I also got a "diamond dust" nail file, and...

...the cutest, largest lip smackers lip balm I have ever owned! look how cute!

It looks regular size in the photos, but let me assure you that it is wider and thicker then my thumb! Think the size of a small glue stick lol. It's great for my big lips :)

So that is all for now. I think I may be going to the States again within a months time, so wish me luck for next time lol. I have a P.O box in the Sates, so I make my first order of Zoya polishes with their polish exchange and got my new BM plates sent to that address as well. I probably wont get a chance to pick them up until late next month, but I will just have to be patient.

What do you guys think of my haul? What is your favorite?


  1. Great haul! For our Sallys, it was buy any 2 and get a 3rd free...that sucks your Sallys wasn't playing nice. I never thought to check KMart - now I have ANOTHER place to stalk. LOL

  2. Um, I'm not sure how far you are from me exactly but I'm almost positive I saw Nox Citrus at my local Rexall in the clearance bin for $2.50 last week...!

  3. Megan - I may have worded it weird, but Sally's was buy 2 get one free, It was Ulta that had the same promo going on, but the 3 polishes you were purchasing ( including the 1 that was free) all had to be from the same brand in oder to get the free one.

    Queen of Crap - Really!!? Which Rexall location was this?! I looked for it at a couple of locations, I even looked in the clearance section but still could not find it :(

  4. Oh wow you were super close to me! I live in Rochester NY which is like 2hrs north of Bufflao

  5. Awesome haul! I like Green Apple

    How do you go about getting a US PO Box? It sounds sneaky, but I want in. lol. I ordered a bunch of CND Effects polishes and I only learned that they didn't ship to Canada when the company e-mailed me after the transaction went through... grrr.

    I live in the GTA too :) friend me!

  6. Hayley - lol nothing too sneaky here. My dad happens to frequent the U.S and is usually there at least once a month. He is the one that actually has the P.O box there so I'm not too sure about how you would go about it. You would have to go their directly to pick up your package eventually, so if this is something that interests you, you would probably have to find one that is close enough to travel to, I also know that you have to set it up in the States. I live about under 2 hours from the P.O box.

    I am starting to worry about my Zoya's though, I hope the package is small enough to fit in the box!

  7. Damn girl!!! What a haul! They're all awesome!

    And thank you so much for looking for Purple Gala for me! You're such a sweetheart! It's HTF for sure!

  8. Kee- lol thanks, and no prob. I'm still on the hunt! I'm sure I will be able to find it somewhere.


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