Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mani Refresh With Fauxnad

Hello ladies,

Today I have another mani refresh with my fauxnad Konad plates I talked about yesterday from the Born Pretty Store. As you can see these stamp great, I also used plate m78 for my easter mani look here. This was the first mani I did with them, I literally ripped them out of their packaging and started stamping once I got them!

So far I have only had one issue with 1 stamp transferring, the group of flowers from plate m77. I tried regular white polish that I use occasionally for stamping and nothing. I used chrome polish... nothing. I finally tried the Konad special polish and got a bit, but not all of the design. I think the image was not engraved enough to fully transfer which is a shame :( Maybe this was a defective plate? I will try again though and let you know what happens.

Most colour accurate photo

Anyways back to the mani, this was the franken I showed you last week, I used a Sally Hansen Chrome (Amber) to stamp. I know I'm showing the refresh super late but I really wanted to get in my easter mani before it became irrelevant. In fact, my next couple post will be of looks I sported last week lol it's going to be a little backwards this week, but I doubt you'll notice. I actually chopped my nails down in my Easter mani, got a break and cut them down.

overexposed to show detail

For some reason after the trim, most of my nails chipped and needed to be reshaped, I chose a bit of a squoval/oval shape now (You can see this in my mattified Easter nails from yesterdays post. Once I grow them out a bit I think I'll file them back square.

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  1. the rose palette is soo pretty!
    is amber a gold color? really coherent with the green =)!


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