Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mind Blasting!

Hello ladies,

Today I have an amazing blue polish I purchased a while back from H&M called Blue My Mind. This is the second polish I purchased along with Bella's Choice and I have to say that I am really happy with the colours H&M has come out with. Bella's Choice was a little thick and harder to work with, but a little bit of thinner helped. Blue My Mind had a great formula and applied very well in 2 coats.

The colour is a nice deep, cornflower-y blue and although it is not neon, it can be super bright! I really hard colour to describe, but super pretty. I had to alter the colour in the photos below to get the true colour. My camera would not capture it with a flash, In natural sunlight it was a bit closer.

natural light

The photo below is the most colour accurate.

natural light

The only complaint I hahve for H&M polishes is the cost vs. the amount of polish you actually get. These cost about 5$ or 6$ a bottle, but you only get 9 mL (For comparison, OPI has 15 mL). I would say that some salon brands cost the same if not less! I really would like to try more of their polishes though, I'm hoping for a sale :)

I applied a top coat of NYC fast dry glossy top coat. OMG, I am really loving this, its nice and thin and easy to work with, plus quick drying, PLUS gloss = LOVE!

lamp light, no flash

This is what it looks like with my camera flash, it looks pretty like this too lol, looks more neon.

I really liked this colour and wore it for a full week! It was also a great canvas for some nail art which I will show you tomorrow :)


  1. OMGoodness..thats some serious blue! Looks amazing!

  2. Another blue creme I like... :)

  3. whoa! this polish is gorgeous and super flattering on you, seriously!

  4. HhhhhAWT! Wowsa Blue. Want. :)


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