Thursday, April 21, 2011

Name that Nars Franken!

Hello ladies,

Today I have an update on the franken I posted about here in early February. Looking back at the photos when it was still a work in progress, shows me how far away I was from getting anywhere close to Nars' Zulu!

Anyways, the franken I made was for a dupe of Nars Zulu, and although it is not identical, I think is was pretty close. I can't seem to come up with a name for it, any ideas or names you think that would work, I'd like to hear :) Please leave your comments below.

If I could get this formula a little bit more jelly and an easier consistency to work with, I would probably like it more. That being said, the formula was kind of goopy but provided great coverage in 2 coats.

I love the coverage and glossy finish!

Depending on your lighting source, this colour may appear darker, meaning right at the edge of black, or lighter, still deep forest green. I prefer the darker shade, and I definitely got some comments on it when I wore it.

I still think it need a little work, a little bit more black and clear... maybe even some more yellow, these photos make it look more blue based. What do you ladies think?

Also, I won't be posting again untill to Monday, so to all who celebrate, have a great Easter :)


  1. I love this. I want zulu and now this!

    How about:
    When you go green you never come black!

  2. That is an awesome name! so creative I love it!

  3. I would name it Ficus!
    it's gorgeous

  4. I would call it Huntress. :) Great dupe. I love it.

  5. Very nice! love it, it's so hard to pick just one name!

  6. Oh, that's GORGEOUS! I love this. Now I want to franken my own version, haha! I'm terrible with names though.
    Hey, I tagged you! Hopefully you haven't gotten this award yet. :)

  7. Thank you so much Nicole :) Although I have already been tagged for this award I am still very happy to be recognized and linked to on your site :)


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