Monday, April 25, 2011

Pastel Skittles

Hello ladies,

Today I have a very spring mani to share with you today. I have never really done the "skittle" look on my nails other than one time I can recall as a teenager. Even then it wasn't quite right, I only owned a few polishes and it was hard to find the right polish and finish that worked well together.

Now that my polish collection has fully expanded, I have many polishes to choose from which I can group together to use for one mani. For my spring skittle mani I used the following polishes from pinky to thumb:

Color Club's Take Me To Your Chateau, a very light pastel blue.

American Apparel's Office, a very light pastel green.

American Apparel's L'esprit, a medium toned pastel purple.

American Apparel's Summer Peach, a very light pastel orange.

China Glaze's Lemon Fizz, a light yet bright pastel yellow.

All of these polishes applied wonderfully with the exception of Lemon Fizz. I have always had application issues with this polish. Once I added thinner application became easier. Other than the China Glaze polish I have never worn any of these polishes before, although I was very happy with them :) If applied carfully I could have gotten away with only one coat, but I chose to go with two.

I love the way this turned out, after applying this I went for a walk with my brother to pick up a PS3 game and got a compliment from the cashier :)

This was just the base for my Easter mani which I will show you tomorrow. What do you ladies think of the skittle look? I really enjoyed the pastels because I feel it as a softer take on the usually bright skittle I have seen in the past.


  1. You know, up until now I haven't been a big fan of skittles unless there was all kinds on nail art decoration. But I WOULD ROCK THIS! <3 It totally reminds me of Cadbury mini eggs. *GASP* That makes me want to try it with a matte topcoat! Ee!
    Thanks and can't wait to see the Easter do!

  2. I really like this look. You did great at finding shades that go together perfectly.

  3. Pretty skittles. I like the polishes you chose.

    I like skittle manicures, now and again. I don't do them often but they are fun on occasion. I did one for Easter, all in pastels, stamped with Easter lilies. :)

  4. I agree with the comment from JQ - havn't liked the "Skittles" look in the past but this is cute. Great for Easter and can't wait to see the mani you used it for.

  5. Thanks ladies, happy Easter to all those who celebrate :)

    JQ - I am so going to try the matte look tonight with these nails, I wanted to do it last night but didn't get a round to even looking at my nails lol. I will post up how it looks either tomorrow or Thursday :)


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