Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Broken nail :( And Mani Refresh

This is the infamous break that started it all... the shortening and reshaping of my nails. Stupid doors, The bathroom door was closing on me as I left and I reached my hand back to stop it and my nail broke. Don't you hate that!

So here we have Wet n' Wild Blazed again, but this time I have some nail art stamping of my "false" Konad plates from Born Pretty store.

btw - polish in my hand is China Glaze High Def. Random, I know

Now, you must be thinking, didn't we already see this design? And you are right, this is actually how I wore this stamp first, and although I really liked the design, I felt it wasn't festive enough for Easter.

China Glaze, Lighting Bolt is seen here in my hands

Looking back at it I actually quite like the look. The stamp was bugging me a bit because I used regular white polish, not the "special" polish. The design didn't come out as crisp as I would have liked it. Just another excuse to change up my nails :)


  1. I like it! Sorry you broke your nail - and yes, I hate that. If you're like me, I don't need an excuse to change my nails. LOL

  2. I'm sorry about your break. May your nails grow out, soon.

    I have WNW Blazed. I need to haul it out and wear it. :D

  3. Megan - lol thanks. I was really hating my nails at first, but I took this opportunity to try a new nail shape, I think the more oval/squoval shape looks better when my nails are short. And If I still want them square later, I can just file them and shape them again when they grow out a bit :)

    Ice Queen - lol thanks, they are already on their way, plus I take biotin 5 times a week so that should help.


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