Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net

Hello ladies,

Today I have a long awaited untried of mine. I got OPI's Catch Me In Your Net in a cute polish gift basket as a birthday gift from my brother and sister last year. I knew as soon as I saw this polish that I had to have it! Summer came and went and I got in to more fall and winter polish and forgot about CMIYN.

I was looking for some to wear when this beauty popped out at me, sooo glad it did. This polish is infamous for being a dupe of many other brands:

Zoya - Charla
Orly - Haley's Comet
Essence - Choose Me

These are just a few, let me know if there are more out there! I do believe that this was the first one released, correct me if I'm wrong.

Indirect natural light. the rest of the photos below are taken with my camera flash to better see the sparkle!

Whether it had multiple dupes or none, this polish is too awesome! I used 2 regular coats and 1 final thin one to top it all of and even it out. I love the OPI brush, so given the chance to choose between brands for this colour, I probably would have stuck with OPI.

Now, let me try and describe the colour to you... the base is a bright turquoise blue, which is actually quite sheer and jelly-like. It flashes gold when it picks up the light and has a foily finish, which I love! This does build up very well considering how thin and sheer the polish is.

In lower or overcast light this polish looks too cool! It looks as though the multicolored flecks are frozen in time and it looks awesome. The gold also seems to make the polish glow.

The wear for this polish was fantastic! I wore it for a week without any issues. I had a tiny chip on my right thumb and minor tip wear on the rest of my nails, I am at a desk typing for most of the day though, so not to bad at all!

Removal... no so great. The blue pigmentation in the polish dyed my nails (even with a base coat) and skin around when I used regular non-acetone polish remover. On the plus side, the actual removal process was a lot quicker than I thought. I though it would have been similar to removing glitter, but it wasn't.

I got to use Bubble White, which I picked up at Sally's in February, for the first time to remove the stains the polish caused and it worked pretty well at removing the blue stains. The original yellow tinge my nails have from always being painted still remained a bit though. More on that later, I haven't decided if I wanted to do a post on it yet, it was hard to get accurate photos of before and after. The flash made everything look more or less the same lol.

Anyways, my final thoughts are that this polish is awesome, the colour kicks ass and I can't wait to show you what I did with some faxnad, pearls and rhinestones to "jazz" it up a bit :)


  1. This is one of my favorites! I have, oddly enough, two of the other versions. Zoya Charla and Orly Haley's Comet. Stunning! :) I can't wait to see what you did to decorate it up.
    I've been having a lot more staining than usual lately, so I've been trying out different base coats. I haven't found something that works perfectly yet for me.

  2. Oh no! I was totally in love until you mentioned staining. :( Sadly I would avoid this polish. I just finished waiting and waiting for my yellow nails to grow out. It looks fabulous on you. It's TOTALLY my kind of colour. I drooled over the swatches I saw of Haley's Comet as well. Thanks for the pics!

  3. I have CMIYN and Charla! I loved it so much I needed to have 2 bottles. haha This is one of two polishes that I have a backup of.
    Even though Charla & CMIYN both came out in summer 2010 collections, I'm pretty sure Charla was around for a while before CMIYN was.

  4. Nicole - I hate staining, but I would still wear this polish again, tottally worth it! BUT, next time I may use 2 base coats instead of one.

    JQ - oh no, I hope I didn't turn you off of this colour forever! They has got to be a solution for staining polishes.

    Sarah - lo thats awesome. I don't have any dupicates or backups for any of my OPI polishes, but I do have one for China Glazes Flip Flop Fantasy, its the perafect summer neon for me :) And thanks for letting me know, I think I may have just heard about the OPI one before the Zoya


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