Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whats In My Box?

IT CAME!... Well, actually it was delivered a while ago, someone just had to go pick it up. Here is the box containing my FIRST EVER Zoya nail polishes that I got in their latest polish exchange.

Whenever I see Zoya polishes in Canada they are usually pretty expensive and don't have a large selection, so I was really glad to participate this year and get some polishes I had been lusting over for only $4 a bottle! Withe the exchange it actually came out to slightly less, yay Canadian dollar!

Below I have Ivanka, Crystal (FINALLY!!) and Dannii :) To tell you the truth I got Dannii for the name lol, my brother and sister used to call me Dani when they were kids, to this day some people in my family still do. But I am super glad I got it, It was the first polish I wore and it was awesome!

Ivanka is a super shimmery green foil with tones of blue/teal and yellow/gold.
Crystal I have been lusting after forever! So hard to describe since I haven't actually tried it yet, but its more or less a blue base with gold and silver flecks. So pretty!
Dannii is a beautiful purple with awesome gold shimmer. This was the first one I tried so stay tuned for some photos.

The next 3 I got are Danielle (of course!), Dea and Dovima. The 3 D's, I so didn't do that on purpose either!

Although Danielle is my name, I saw this swatch, I think, on Scrangie's blog and before I saw the name I knew I had to have it. Its a milky sheer-ish pink with some white flecks of shimmer that you cant really see in the photo below, but they are there.

Dea I originally saw on Asami's blog and when she described the colour as milk chocolate, I knew I had to have it :)

I wanted a good matte black and Dovima seemed perfect (plus I needed at least 6 polishes for the promo)

So there you have it, my first ever Zoya's. Any favorites? Any ones you have been lusting for? What did you get in the exchange this year? I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. Nice. It does suck that Trade Secrets really only carries a small selection of reds and pinks. Can you believe I've had Crystal for a couple of months and haven't worn it yet? You will love Ivanka! I just got my bogo order with the mattes and summer collection. Love Zoya but they really need to start shipping to Canada!

  2. I really like those.
    I can't find Zoya here in brazil unless I order from ebay.
    Can't wait to go visit my boyfriend in the usa so I can buy me some
    I'm following your blog. Really like it.

  3. Great choices!! I really need to post my Exchange purchases. I'd get the color in my name sake, but it's very, very meh.

  4. I love the way they wrap their orders, I've seen this on other blogs, but in Europe they don't deliver.

  5. haha i also recently got a nail polish under my name. i love the matte black - pls swatch it when you can!

  6. Queen of Crap - I agree, I don't understand the issue with not shipping out of the States, They would make so many more sales!

    Jade - thanks so much, I'm glad you like it :) I had to have my polishes delivered to a .S address in order to get mine so I know how you feel. Hopefully you find some when you visit the States.

    Megan - Can't wait to see which ones you get, and after I finishe responding to these comments I'm going to Zoya's site to check out Megan :)

    Une Ruxi à Paris - we should make a petition or something to ship outside the States :)

    Belle - I will eventually wear Dovima, but I don't know if it will be any time soon. It's too dark for me for spring. When I do wear it I will post it up :)

  7. Oooooh Dovina! Great choices! I can't wait to see the swatches as they come up!


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