Friday, May 27, 2011

Dannii California

Happy Friday!!

Today I have the first ever Zoya polish I have ever worn, and it's only 1 coat! The formula of this polish was thick but manageable and very pigmented. It also wore amazingly, I wore it for 4 or 5 days before taking it off and didn't notice any tip wear at all. I'm sure the base and top coat helped out but wow, I am very impressed Zoya!

I wanted to try one of these as soon as I got my package but I felt like none of the colours I purchased were summery enough. This one is actually perfect for summer, I love how it looks in the sun, it's so much better in person.

Look how pretty! when I first saw swatches of it online it reminded me of the Claire's mood polish that goes from purple to pink. The Claire's polish has a silver shimmer, but Dannii has a beautiful gold shimmer that really makes it pop, especially in the sun.

The photo above is not colour accurate, but just wanted to include a picture of the polish with flash. I have more photos of this beauty coming up Monday with new BM designs, lots of sun pics coming up!


  1. today seems to be a purple friday!
    your purple is so daring and fun though :D

  2. I love the title to this post! I have Dannii on my toes right now and I love it. It's such a pretty color. Welcome to the wonderful world of Zoya. Happy weekend!

  3. Oh, my list of Zoya Wants just keeps growing and growing!... Gorgeous color!

  4. Belle - thanks! Really? t=is this a new thing or are just a lot of bloggers wearing purple today?

    Megan - Thanks! Yea, I need to have more Zoya soon!

    Anutka - me too, thanks a lot :)


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