Monday, June 6, 2011

A Blurple Purple

Today I have a polish from last years summer collection from Color Club, Pucci-licious.

The Poptastic collection included many bright and neon colours for summer. This was actually the first Color Club collection I had purchased and it was mostly just for this polish and Twiggy. Almost all of the colours in this collection are awesome for stamping! Color Club has excellent pigmentation and formula, especially in this collection.

Anyways, on to Pucci-licious. This polish is a beautiful blue toned purple or "blurple" that is just so chic! I really love it and am pretty sure this was only 1 coat! It was super hard to photograph, I would say it is darker in real life.

This was also one of the fist Color Club lemmings I had when I first started collecting. I'm not sure where these polishes can be purchased in Canada, so if you are Canadian please let me know. I picked up this collection (among many others since!) from Winners for $12.99 each. Single polishes however, I have only been able to find in specific beauty supplies that want almost $6 a bottle! Online I know these retail somewhere between $2-$3, correct? The full collection packs from Winners of 7 polishes come out to just under $2 a bottle :)

I really like this colour and can't wait to start wearing some of the neons from this years summer collection. It seems that the days I apply polish on are gloomy and rainy, so I don't feel like wearing neons... then a couple days later the sun is out. The weather has been messed up lately lol.


  1. I get so freaking excited when I see a polish on a blog that I'm currently wearing. Why is it so exciting LOL?! Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. It's so unique and I don't have anything else exactly like it.

    These babies ARE hard to photographs because the purple seems to lean blue. I love it one you!! (and me lol)

  2. lol I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, I get excited when other bloggers and wearing what I currently am :) When I edited the photos on my computer at home the polish looked more accurate, but on my work computer it looks way over saturated! i wonder what other people are seeing on their monitors!

  3. Other than Winners I've only seen these at random nail salons and they usually want $5+ for them. When I was in Florida they had them at a store called Ross for $7.99/set. It might be worth it to see if they've got a location in Buffalo. I usually go to Michigan when I go shopping in the US and they don't have one there.

  4. Maybe you mentioned this before but do you buy your polish out where your located or do you order them. If you do can you post a link or two ...Im madly obsessed with polish as well :) thanks in advance

  5. Queen of Crap - good thinking, I need to go their website and find a location in Buffalo for my next trip out there :)

    JustJuJu - Almost all of my polish I purchase in store. The only ones I buy online are from Amazon because I get them free with Swagbucks! if you're interested in getting free nail polish with Swagbucks, please email you and I will send you an invite.

    I know there are lots of sites that bloggers frequent, but I have never purchased from them due to high shipping costs.

    Madeline - It's very unique, I love my purples :)

  6. I loooove that purple polish! I have got to get my hands on that one, a girl can't have to many purple polishes :)


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